5 good things: being back at workfeatured

1)      The number of times I say ‘no’ a day has probably decreased by about 95%.  I really try not to say ‘no’ all the time. It’s such a non-descript word and probably doesn’t achieve much. When I notice it tripping out of my mouth every other word then I do try and re-set my mind and get back to explaining why something is probably not such a good idea. But basically with Violet on the loose and Ezra rampaging around the house, ‘no’ is a frequent fall-back. At 9 months Ezra knows exactly what it means with his love of wires, cables and plug sockets!

2.       I get to go to the toilet all by myself. Nobody asking me where I am going, what I am doing, do I need any help. And the best one of all “can I watch it come out?” Without labouring on this point for too long (because I am sure the image of me sat on the toilet isn’t something you want to dwell on) the ability to go to the toilet in peace feels like a little bit of luxury!

3.       Not having to share my food and drink. Violet has really taken the concept of sharing by the horns and is running away with her own interpretation. Her version goes something like this:

Mummy – sat eating her lunch
Violet – oohhh that looks far better than the slop I have got… “mummy can I try some of your lunch please?”
Mummy – hmm I know where this is going
Violet – wah, this is delicious, I must get more of that, I know, I will pull out the sharing card… “mummy, I would like to SHARE your lunch please. You have some and I have some”.

And before I know it she’s telling me not to eat all of my food because we are SHARING.

4.       Much less poo, wee and vomit to deal with. And overall this is very true. Apart from the fact that my darling baby son has reset his poo clock to 5am. EVERY. MORNING. In a desperate attempt to fool him into thinking it is still night time I don’t turn the light on and clean him up in the dark. Lets just say it’s a messy job. How do I help him poo at a more acceptable hour???

5.       Time apart makes time together even better. It’s true.



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