A Conversation with a Toddler

A Conversation with a Toddlerfeatured

I collected Ezra from nursery this evening. This is the conversatin we had in the car.

Me: What did you do at nursery today Ezra?

Ezra: ‘aintin’

Me: Painting?

Ezra: Yeah!

Me: Who did you do painting with?

Ezra: Nina

Me: Edina? Is Edina your friend?

Ezra: Yeah. Nina.

Me: Who else is your friend?

Ezra: Daddyyyy

Me: Ah, who else is your friend?

Ezra: Sissy

Me: That’s lovely. Who else is your friend Ezra? <hopeful!>


Me: Am I your friend Ezra? Is Mamma your friend?

Ezra: No!!!

Coming from a real mummy’s boy I’m not quite sure how to take this!

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