A Letter to Ezra

A Letter to Ezrafeatured

Dear Ezra

Things are changing. Can you sense it? The house suddenly has all this baby stuff in it and Mummy and Daddy have been busily changing your bedroom around so you can share with Sissy. There’s bunk beds and soon you’ll be moved out of your cosy cot into a great big bed! We hope you like it.

There’s lots going on.

Because in the next week or so you will become a big brother. You won’t be the baby of the house any more. You’ll have to learn to wait. And share. Mummy and Daddy will still be there for you. But for a while it will feel like the baby comes first. Don’t worry. Everything will settle down as we get to know him.

He already knows a lot about us. He has heard you and Sissy chatting, laughing, singing and shouting for the last 9 months! He knows your voice! He has felt you climbing on him and he has even felt those gentle strokes you’ve given him. But we need to learn what he likes and doesn’t like.

I will need your help. Keep giving me your beautiful smiles and kisses. Sometimes they will be just the pick me up Mummy needs. Keep making me laugh with your dancing and funny faces. They will bring me out of a low point in an instant. Keep being the amazing sunny boy you are.

We will still have our special bond. We will still cuddle and mess around like before.

Don’t resent your little brother. He will become your best friend, you’ll see. He will look up to you in the same way you look up to Violet. He will adore you.

For this short time though, don’t worry. We will find our way and our new normal as a family of 5.

Keep being my perfect Ezra.


Mummy x


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