A Letter to Violet on her 5th Birthdayfeatured

Dear Violet

Happy birthday!!

5 years being our trail blazer.

Our first born.

Our only daughter.

Our curly haired wonder. (Seriously, where are the curls from??)

Our sassy, stubborn, kind, inquisitive hot head!

Thankyou for making me a mum. It was always my ambition and because of you, my wishes came true.

The last year has been huge for you. Starting school, getting another little brother, joining clubs at school and starting swimming lessons. I know these have been challenging for you. Change isn’t easy. But you have faced them all with determination and a positive attitude. We are incredibly proud of you for overcoming worries and facing things head on. Especially with school, I really couldn’t ask for more.

I hope the next year is a little more settled for you. But whatever it brings, carry on being awesome!

So happy birthday my darling.

Stay happy.

We love you x x x x


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