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I absolutely love babywearing.  Being able to respond immediately to the baby, smell and feel their soft skin, feel their breath and enjoy the closeness.  I have carried both Violet and Ezra from the beginning, favouring wraps over the pushchair.  Both children were not keen on the pushchair until they were in a sitting position so wrapping them was my only solution for getting out and about without a drama.  I’ve also found with babywearing that I cart around a lot less stuff in my bag so I don’t feel like such a pack-horse!


I started out carrying Violet in a stretchy Moby wrap.  The first time I took her out at 7 days old I felt like I was walking on stilts.  I was so proud of my daughter!  As we walked around town so many people smiled and stopped me to say how sweet my baby looked cuddled up close.  She slept the whole time, so peacefully.  Whereas my instant bonding with Ezra came from skin-to-skin at birth, I would say that my bonding with Violet came from carrying her in the sling.  Her arrival into the world wasn’t easy.  I felt so traumatised over it.  I was in so much discomfort and had flashbacks to her being yanked out of me.  I didn’t feel the instant love rush I had expected.  When I started to carry Violet the memories faded.  She was so happy to be close to me and the maternal feelings within me grew and grew.  Every time I wrapped her in the sling I felt at one with her.  Protective.  Powerful.


Vix 035

As Violet grew I started to venture into the world of woven wraps.  It was a slippery slope but I got to try so many wonderful brands and blends.  Every wrap brought about a new experience for me; be it the look, the support, the love or the texture.  I traded wraps, always on the look out for the wrap which would do everything I wanted.

Joe 104

Joe 104 (2)

My favourite brands have to be Oscha Slings and Artipoppe.  My bank balance only allows me to have 1 Artipoppe in my collection but I count myself very lucky that it’s there!

Vix 365

So I have a lot to thank babywearing for.  For helping me achieve my close bond with my daughter, for giving me those moments with her where we would chatter and laugh about what was going on around us, for keeping my hands free when the baby just needs to be held, for giving my children much needed comfort and love from their mother, for building my strength and fitness post-partum and for bringing out the mama-bear within.

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n.b. always practice safe babywearing and follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines.

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