Back with a New Look

Back with a New Lookfeatured

Walks back into Blogland.

Does a little twirl.

Sits down and starts typing.

I’ve been a little absent from my blog for the last few weeks.  Life just came at a million miles an hour and took over any attempts I made to write a post!  But I’m feeling more settled again now and so I’m back with a whole new look!  What do you think about my new banner?  It’s been created by the wonderful Angie Spurgeon at Artwork By Angie.  I gave her a very broad brief and she has come up with my new blog identity.

Another Mum In London - Profile Pic

I just love it!!  I can’t rate her highly enough and she’s gone out of her way to help me out along the way.  I have the same image on my Facebook and Twitter so please come and have a look.

I can summarise the last few weeks in one word.  VOMIT.  Sounds grim and it was grim!  It started off with Ezra getting yet another nursery bug.  Coughing like nothing I’ve heard before from a baby and copious amounts of sick every day for weeks.  We got antibiotics quite quickly however he point blank refused to take them.  We tried every trick in the book but he would not take them and it was really starting to stress all of us out.  His cough just worsened (if that’s possible!). After a particularly horrendous night I called 111 who made him an OOH appointment at the hospital.  The Doctor prescribed a different antibiotic and an inhaler.  The inhaler has been pretty useless as he will not have the mask on his face, however he has taken the medicine from a spoon.  Lo and behold his cough has gone and he hasn’t been sick for 7 whole days!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how relieved I am…we are all feeling more rested, I’m not mopping up vomit all the time, Ezra smells nice and most importantly he is well!  So just as Ez was turning a corner Violet brought a d&v bug home from nursery which spread through our house and my parent’s house quicker than wildfire!  It was brutal and we dropped one by one in dramatic fashion!

But right now, we are HEALTHY!!!

I have started my new secondment position and I am really enjoying myself.  The mountain of work in front of me to complete the project is quite daunting but I’m feeling good about the challenge and am happy with what I have produced to date.

I will save some of the other things for another post but safe to say things are feeling much rosier now than they have for a couple of weeks.

Great to be back!


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