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Skin-to-Skin from Birth

Skin-to-Skin from Birthfeatured

When Ezra was born I will forever remember him being laid on my chest and feeling his warm, soft, silky skin against mine.  The marathon of labour was done and I felt euphoric that I had had such a positive experience after the trauma of Violet’s birth. Through eyes filled with happy tears, Joe and Read more

Where are all the Boy’s Leggings?

Where are all the Boy’s Leggings?featured

As I’ve said previously, I am quite particular about what the children wear.  Not from a point of view that I want them to look fashionable… I’m not particularly on-trend myself!  First and foremost I want them to be comfortable.  I see so many kids clothes which have bits sticking out, are hard and unforgiving or Read more

Winning at Mummying: Top 10

Winning at Mummying: Top 10featured

Winning at Mummying: Top 10 1) Violet came to me the other week with a blueberry up each nostril. She was showing off about it but looked perplexed when my reaction was to launch myself at her and pinch the top of her nose to stop them going any higher. Heart racing and hands tingling Read more

Scandi not Scandi #4

Scandi not Scandi #4featured

Today Ezra has been wearing one of Violet’s hand-me-downs. It’s a beautiful Sture & Lisa gro with retro brown, orange and red hearts. Not only is it utterly beautiful, but even better it’s made of fair trade and GOT certified cotton from India. The Sture & Lisa website says; “All our clothes are made of Read more

Time Capsule: Ezra at 10 months

Time Capsule: Ezra at 10 monthsfeatured

Today Ezra is 10 months old. The cliché is that time flies, but this year has really flown at such a rate. I’m struggling to even remember what those early days with a newborn baby were like. My big achievements were successfully breastfeeding for the first time, getting through the days with a tiny baby and Read more

My birthday at Hever Castle

My birthday at Hever Castlefeatured

It was my birthday at the weekend and seeing as the weather was gorgeous we took a trip to Hever Castle in Kent. Hever is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and up until 50 or so years ago was still a private residence. Now it’s open to the public to have a good nosey! Read more

The power of AMBER!

The power of AMBER!featured

Teething for Ezra has been miserable.  It’s been pretty miserable for us too. The whining starts.  The ferocious chewing of fists.  Then the gnawing on anything he can find…  “ah mummy’s finger” CHOMP.  Just about any part of me will do as long as he can sink his pearly whites into it.  Then there’s the Read more


Sh*t happens updatefeatured

I have been asked to write an update on Ezra’s hand following the whole burning incident.  On Saturday I drove back to the hospital very hopeful that his bandages would come off and we could get back to normal.  The nurses checked his hand and despite it healing nicely there was still a risk of Read more


Scandi not Scandi #3featured

What have these little tykes been wearing this week? Well Violet chose her own clothes on Sunday and I think she picked really well: The dress is from M&S last year. I just love the stencilled elephants. Again, not strictly Scandi, I think the elephants would be a bit more rounded and chunkier if it was Read more


5 things: girls vs boysfeatured

1) Boys have willies.  Yeh ok that’s obvious. But it’s like a personal little fountain. And you don’t think it’ll go very far but when the air hits the willy, it triggers a full on sprinkler which has a remarkably long range! I discovered this on day 1 when I was in my post-birth haze, Read more