Walks back into Blogland.

Does a little twirl.

Sits down and starts typing.

I’ve been a little absent from my blog for the last few weeks.  Life just came at a million miles an hour and took over any attempts I made to write a post!  But I’m feeling more settled again now and so I’m back with a whole new look!  What do you think about my new banner?  It’s been created by the wonderful Angie Spurgeon at Artwork By Angie.  I gave her a very broad brief and she has come up with my new blog identity.

Another Mum In London - Profile Pic

I just love it!!  I can’t rate her highly enough and she’s gone out of her way to help me out along the way.  I have the same image on my Facebook and Twitter so please come and have a look.

I can summarise the last few weeks in one word.  VOMIT.  Sounds grim and it was grim!  It started off with Ezra getting yet another nursery bug.  Coughing like nothing I’ve heard before from a baby and copious amounts of sick every day for weeks.  We got antibiotics quite quickly however he point blank refused to take them.  We tried every trick in the book but he would not take them and it was really starting to stress all of us out.  His cough just worsened (if that’s possible!). After a particularly horrendous night I called 111 who made him an OOH appointment at the hospital.  The Doctor prescribed a different antibiotic and an inhaler.  The inhaler has been pretty useless as he will not have the mask on his face, however he has taken the medicine from a spoon.  Lo and behold his cough has gone and he hasn’t been sick for 7 whole days!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how relieved I am…we are all feeling more rested, I’m not mopping up vomit all the time, Ezra smells nice and most importantly he is well!  So just as Ez was turning a corner Violet brought a d&v bug home from nursery which spread through our house and my parent’s house quicker than wildfire!  It was brutal and we dropped one by one in dramatic fashion!

But right now, we are HEALTHY!!!

I have started my new secondment position and I am really enjoying myself.  The mountain of work in front of me to complete the project is quite daunting but I’m feeling good about the challenge and am happy with what I have produced to date.

I will save some of the other things for another post but safe to say things are feeling much rosier now than they have for a couple of weeks.

Great to be back!


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I absolutely love babywearing.  Being able to respond immediately to the baby, smell and feel their soft skin, feel their breath and enjoy the closeness.  I have carried both Violet and Ezra from the beginning, favouring wraps over the pushchair.  Both children were not keen on the pushchair until they were in a sitting position so wrapping them was my only solution for getting out and about without a drama.  I’ve also found with babywearing that I cart around a lot less stuff in my bag so I don’t feel like such a pack-horse!


I started out carrying Violet in a stretchy Moby wrap.  The first time I took her out at 7 days old I felt like I was walking on stilts.  I was so proud of my daughter!  As we walked around town so many people smiled and stopped me to say how sweet my baby looked cuddled up close.  She slept the whole time, so peacefully.  Whereas my instant bonding with Ezra came from skin-to-skin at birth, I would say that my bonding with Violet came from carrying her in the sling.  Her arrival into the world wasn’t easy.  I felt so traumatised over it.  I was in so much discomfort and had flashbacks to her being yanked out of me.  I didn’t feel the instant love rush I had expected.  When I started to carry Violet the memories faded.  She was so happy to be close to me and the maternal feelings within me grew and grew.  Every time I wrapped her in the sling I felt at one with her.  Protective.  Powerful.


Vix 035

As Violet grew I started to venture into the world of woven wraps.  It was a slippery slope but I got to try so many wonderful brands and blends.  Every wrap brought about a new experience for me; be it the look, the support, the love or the texture.  I traded wraps, always on the look out for the wrap which would do everything I wanted.

Joe 104

Joe 104 (2)

My favourite brands have to be Oscha Slings and Artipoppe.  My bank balance only allows me to have 1 Artipoppe in my collection but I count myself very lucky that it’s there!

Vix 365

So I have a lot to thank babywearing for.  For helping me achieve my close bond with my daughter, for giving me those moments with her where we would chatter and laugh about what was going on around us, for keeping my hands free when the baby just needs to be held, for giving my children much needed comfort and love from their mother, for building my strength and fitness post-partum and for bringing out the mama-bear within.

Joe 032


n.b. always practice safe babywearing and follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines.

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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows


I little late but here are the small things which have made me happy over the last week:

  1. On Wednesday 111 advised me to take Ezra to hospital because he was vomiting terribly from his cough (whilst fighting Chicken Pox also).  The Dr at our local hospital checked Ezra thoroughly and said he must be suffering from a viral infection as there were no signs of bacterial infection.  I am so thankful to the NHS for being there 24/7 to care for us.  I needed the reassurance that we were treating Ezra’s illness correctly and the Dr made me feel like a good mum for bringing him in to be checked, rather than silly for wasting his time when there was no treatment he could give.
  2. Violet’s relationship with my Dad is really developing.  He wasn’t vey hands on when she was a baby, just not quite sure what to do with her.  But since she has become little girl with personality, thoughts and chatter they spend a lot of time talking about this and that.  This week while I was working I heard them laughing because the squirrels kept coming and digging up my Dad’s flower pots!  He kept getting up to shoo them away which Violet found hilarious.
  3. Violet went to pre-school for an extra day this week.  This made her SO happy.  Enough said!
  4. We carved pumpkins together on Saturday.  Violet wasn’t overly keen on getting her hands dirty but it was fun making traditions which I hope will grow year on year.
  5. My aunt, uncle, great aunt and great uncle came for Sunday lunch at my parents house.  It was so lovely to see them after a long time.  And I loved seeing Violet and Ezra interact with their family.

What Katy Said

The List


October was my first full month of blogging.  I have thoroughly enjoyed developing this little space of mine.  It’s been fun chatting to other bloggers and reading some really wonderful posts.  I like the idea of a monthly round-up so here goes.

Family life

October was the month of germs in our house.  Both kids had chicken pox, Ezra got Hand Foot and Mouth, I had sinusitis and now Ezra has a cold.  We have had very little routine to our weeks with the children needing to be off nursery at various times.  I really hope November will mark the start of a healthy family!

Ezra learnt to cruise along furniture.  It’s so sweet watching him shuffle over to see you (and try and pinch something off your plate!).  Next I guess he will learn to stand without support and then take his first steps.  Sometimes it seems as though his development is moving along so fast that the next milestone is imminent.  However I would be very surprised if he took his first steps by his first birthday.


Violet has been loving pre-school so much.  She has some really good friends there and the staff tell me she is totally relaxed now and no longer anxious.  This makes me so relieved as I do worry about her nervousness.  In the new year we will consider sending her in for another day as she enjoys it so much and in the lead up to starting school I think this will be really beneficial.

I had a fabulous time on my 2 day crochet course.  I am putting my new skills into practice and have been trying to interpret patterns I am finding online.  My aim in the next couple of months it to make a teddy.  Please don’t laugh when it turns out looking more like a slug or something!


Joe and I are very overdue some time together.  We have booked in babysitters at the start of December so that we can go out for a meal and to the cinema (Daniel Craig as James Bond anyone?!?!)


Blog life

I’ve been trying to work out what I want my blog to do for me.  First and foremost I want it to be an online journal of our life.  Time moves so fast and we will no doubt forget many things so I hope I can preserve some of those memories here.  I am trying to work out which posts get the best response and why they were successful.  I’m not yet happy with the ‘look’ of my page.  It needs a lot of improvement and currently I am trying to develop a nice banner for the top.  This will all come in time, I’m still settling into the blogging groove!

The most read post: The Promise Fairy – a tactic for toddler tantrums  – I got a really good reaction to this post.  Lots of people saying they hadn’t heard of such a tactic and it could work for their own children.  I even had a few mums sending me photos of their new Promise Fairy Doors in their homes!  The idea could be adapted in many ways to suit a child, I just hope it helps any parents out there who are looking for new ideas!


My favourite post:  Skin-to-Skin from Birth  – I felt very emotional writing this post.  Remembering Ezra’s birth was really special and I am pleased I have it written down.  I doubt I could ever forget meeting him for the first time but I am glad I have it recorded here forever.


My favourite blogger:  My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows  – A hilarious blog written by Mama about raising Baby in Thailand with Mummy.  Mama’s little drawings accompanying each post never fail to make me smile and perfectly capture the slightly crazed look parents can get bringing up their kids!

My targets for November

  1. To continue enjoying writing posts and taking photos
  2. To improve the look of my page with new banner and logos
  3. To make more time for my Facebook page


Thanks for reading and supporting Another Mum In London during October.  I hope you’ll come back for more in November!

Vix x


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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows


October has been the month of Chicken Pox in our house.  The latest Chicken Pox epidemic at nursery saw 34 children struck down, including my 2.

I had started wondering about getting Violet vaccinated as I really didn’t want her to be much older when she caught the Pox.  But then she got it.  We had the added drama that my Dad hasn’t had it.  How he has got to the age of 68 and never had Chicken Pox I do not know!  Surely that means he has a natural immunity??  My parents look after the children 2 days a week so when Violet got the spots my Dad put a ban on us visiting and we quarantined ourselves at home.

Poor Violet got such a raw deal with the spots.  She was COVERED.  They were everywhere.  When I heard that Chicken Pox was doing the rounds again at pre-school I went to the pharmacy and bought ViraSoothe gel and PoxCiln foam.  People I spoke to asked if I was using Calamine lotion.  My reading told me that this treatment from my childhood had now been superseded.  Supposedly, although Calamine lotion dries the spots, it also dries the skin which causes itchiness.  The spots are already itchy as they are so you don’t want to make the skin itchy as well!


My approach was to use the ViraSoothe gel on Violet’s face and any angry spots on her body.  Then I used the PoxClin foam all over her body.  Violet liked to put the foam on her tummy; it was good for her to get involved with treating her spots.  Both the gel and foam cool the spots and ease itching.  They claim to promote natural healing and reduce scarring.  I was really impressed with both products and they really helped calm Violet’s poor skin.  Once the spots started showing I had a really serious conversation with Violet about not scratching them.  I explained how if she scratches them it will make her skin very poorly.  Violet was amazing, she didn’t scratch her skin at all.  Whenever she felt uncomfortable and itchy she came to tell me and then we got the gel and foam and treated her skin.  I really couldn’t believe how sensible Violet was being.

An added treatment I had heard of was to put porridge oats in some tights (tie a knot!) and then allowing the water to pass through the tights when running a bath.  The milky softened water really does soothe the skin and relieve itching.  Violet thought I was slightly bonkers for putting porridge in her bath and kept chuckling and asking me why!  We dabbed the tights on her spots and allowed the water to dribble over her sore skin.  Once she got out the bath we made sure to pat her dry with a fluffy towel.

Ezra got spots 2 weeks after Violet and being younger he has had a much milder dose.  We have treated his spots in exactly the same way and he has seemed very unbothered by them.

So, for Chicken Pox treatment I recommend:

  • ViraSoothe gel
  • PoxClin foam
  • Porridge oats in tights in the bath

I am so glad we are done with the Pox.  Hopefully November will mark the start of a germ-free winter!



n.b. this post contains product reviews. I was not asked to review these products, I just think they are really good! There are links in this post.  If you buy via these links then I earn a few extra pennies 🙂

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