• We have had such a fantastic week!


Ezra was at nursery but Violet still wanted to go to the final week of summer Boppin Tots. It was treasure hunt themed and there were plenty of chocolates and sweets on offer!

Joe had the week off work so in the afternoon I concentrated on packing for our little holiday!


Having loaded the car we set off to Joe’s parents house. It’s a 2 hour drive and we timed the drive to ensure Felix would sleep in the car. He is awful in the car (even the 5 minute journey to the local supermarket has previously had him in a screaming sweaty mess) so I was quite nervous. But it went perfectly and we made it without any tears!

The afternoon was relaxed. Thanks to the biblical rain we stayed indoors.


Such a bad nights sleep! I was sharing with Violet and Felix. Whilst gently shushing Felix back sleep after his eleventy-billionth feed Violet had the cheek to tell me to “stop making that noise mummy!”

Our plans to go to the local zoo were thwarted by the rain so we headed to a soft play. Thankfully this experience was much better for Ezra than last week’s!!


Another horrendous night. Felix was unwell, spiking some horrid fevers and refusing point blank to feed from my left side. Joe took him to the GP who confirmed an ear infection. Poor boy ūüôĀ We dosed him up with pain relief and then all set off on our drive to Norfolk.

We drove straight to Wells-Next-The-Sea. A really pretty quayside town in north Norfolk. There is a fairly long estuary which had the most beautiful expanse of sand beaches.

Joe took Violet and Ezra to paddle in the water while I introduced Felix to his first sandy beach!

Violet enjoyed burying her legs in the sand.

And Ezra tried to bury Joe.

It was such a glorious afternoon and the sun was very welcome! We got a miniature train back to the town where our car was parked and then drove to our airbnb in Great Ryburgh. It was the most oldy worldy cottage I have ever stayed at. The winding staircase with its uneven steps was tricky to navigate with children but apart from that it was completely perfect.


After a delicious cooked breakfast we set off to Sheringham which is another seaside town.

The beach here was pebbles which suited me perfectly as I’m not a huge fan of sand.

We enjoyed ice creams whilst sat on our beach towels with our backs against the sea wall. It was such a typically British seaside setting!

Once the tide went out a sand beach was exposed which was fantastic for Violet and Ezra to do some digging!

I didn’t get to explore much of Sheringham but from the little that I did see it is a really quaint and pretty town.


Hooray – Felix slept really well!!!! It was our last morning at the cottage so we packed our things and then drove to Morston from where we were going to take a boat to see seals in the wild. I didnt really know how many seals we should expect to see but I can say that I never thought we would see hundreds!!!!

The children loved seeing their faces pop up from the water and watch how they moved on land.

The trip was really worthwhile.

Then we had a 3 hour drive home. After all of the driving I think Felix had had enough and he spent much of the journey unhappy. It was a relief to reach home and get everyone to bed!


It feels as though we have summer back so I managed to steam-roller my way through 4 loads of washed and line dried washing! Then we had a really delicious bbq.

And that’s week 3 over!

Week 2 of the holidays are over and we have had another busy and fun week!


Ezra was at nursery as usual so in the morning Violet and I baked cinnamon rolls! They were sooooo tasty! I am a fairly awful baker so Violet doesn’t get to do it too often. But the whole family agreed that these were yummy.

Then in the afternoon we went to Christmas Tree Farm. The last time Violet went she was so anxious about feeding the animals. She wanted to but the fear of them nibbling her fingers (fair enough!) got the better of her until the end. With tears practically streaming down her cheeks she made herself feed a sheep some carrot! This time she marched up to the animals and fed them without a single worry! I was so proud of her for overcoming her fears and feeding the animals so confidently. We stayed there for ages and also managed to stroke the baby goats and ponies.

We then had some carrot cake from the shop.


On Tuesday we went to summer Boppin Tots! It was a Wild West Theme and Violet loved it. Ezra wasn’t so keen, I suspect because it’s a bit bigger and crazier than the usual term time classes. Felix really enjoyed watching the dancing and singing and then loved playing with the toys.

We got the bus home and Violet harvested another crop of carrots. She’s doing very well with her growing!


We headed over to the Dolce Vita cafe in Petts Wood for kids baking and lunch. I used to go alot last year so it was lovely to go back! The children made jam tarts. And then ate them! So I have to assume they tasted good!


Violet went to an all day holiday club with a couple of class mates. Meanwhile I took Ezra to Bromley soft play. What a disaster that was!!! He literally cried the entire time and I spent far more time in there rescuing him than sitting down and chatting with my friends. After another dash to guide him down the steps I said we were going to leave and get lunch. We stopped at a burger restaurant and sat outside so that Ezra could run around and make as much noise as he fancied. Our friends who we abandoned at soft play came to join us later on and the children ran around in the gardens.

Violet had an absolutely brilliant time at her club and said she wants to go again!!


After a really terrible night with Felix I had a lay in. It was necessary! Joe took the children for the morning. In the afternoon Violet and I went to a local playground to meet some of her class friends. The sun shone (I’ve been missing the sun, please come back for the holidays!)


We met up with some family and went to the Science Museum. We were first in the queue waiting for the doors to open! It really was a fantastic day. There was so much space to move around the museum and the children especially enjoyed the interactive displays. 1 tip is to bring a packed lunch as the food in the museum cafe was astronomically expensive.

We then went to the Rainforest Cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue for dinner. We came home with these two monkeys!!


Today has been a lovely one for me as I got to catch up with some of my school friends. A lovely, civilised roast lunch with no children!

So the first week of the summer holidays is done, and we all survived. I think I’ve got the hang of 3 children now! Here’s a little summary of our week together:


Ezra was at nursery and the weather was dreadful. What is it about school holidays starting at the weather taking a nose-dive?! So Violet, Felix and I spent much of the day at home. We watched Moana for the second time (this is fast becoming one of my favourite Disney films). When the rain stopped we wandered down to Costa for a hot chocolate treat.


Yay for sunshine! We headed over to High Elms for a picnic with two of Violet’s school friends. It was such a brilliant afternoon. The children had space to run and play and Felix enjoyed having me to himself for a while!


My mum came over! The children adore her so there was lots of energetic play, stories read and cuddles aplenty. I also got to do some jobs around the house.

In the afternoon we got the bus into Bromley and my mum treated me to some new Converse! She saw the state of my old ones and said I should really get some new shoes! To be fair she was completely right as I’ve had them for 11 years!!!!!!!!! So now I have some beautiful new shoes with no holes in. Violet also dug up some of the carrots she has been growing and I cooked them for their dinner. They were very tasty!


We were up and out early for the first time all week to go to Summer Boppin Tots! I have taken the boys to this class every week of my maternity leave and they have both really enjoyed it. Violet comes along in the holidays and always loves it. It was an extended class for the summer holidays so there was MORE of everything, including the snow machine at the end!


We headed out for another picnic with Violet’s pre-school friends. As soon as I stepped out of the car it started to rain!! But in typical British fashion we carried on. With an umbrella! It was actually fine, we set up the rugs under a large tree and the kids didn’t care about a few drops of rain.

And that’s our week! We are all still friends and I don’t think any of us are wishing school was still on! Roll on next week (after I’ve had a rest this weekend!!)

While we were preparing everything for our holiday in Spain I had to decide what to do about swim nappies. Our villa had a pool and we were by the sea so there was bound to be plenty of opportunities to go swimming.

The thought of packing loads of disposable swim nappies was off putting when we had such a limited baggage limit. Plus the prospect of all those nappies going into landfill….

I researched reusable nappies and settled on some from an eBay shop. Mega cheap at ¬£5.45 each, adjustable, take up no space at all and with cute patterns to choose from. In comparison some disposable nappies from Amazon work out at ¬£0.75 per nappy. Ezra would be going swimming at least once a day which worked out as 10 times. I decided to buy 3 reusable swim nappies and I’m so glad I did!!

They have poppers on them so you can size up as the child grows, meaning these will go from birth-to-potty. Having bought these for Ezra, he already needed the biggest setting. But I can obviously keep them for the next baby.

The elastic is really snug. Not enough to cut into the skin or leave any rub marks. Ezra gave them a full test run on the first day with a poo and I was so thankful to see none of it leaked out!! It was simple enough to tip the poo in the toilet and throw the nappy in the washing machine. The nappy washes at 30-40 degrees with a little detergent. It came out as good as new.

The poppers are very secure and have a strong snap to them. There was absolutely no way Ezra could have undone them, whereas I know with a disposable he could have got out of it if he wanted.

The nappy is so thin that it fitted under his UV all-in-one swimsuit. And it didn’t create that annoying sag which disposables do as soon as they touch water.

I was massively impressed with these nappies and they worked perfectly on holiday. With the hot Spanish sun they dried so quickly and were ready for another round of toddler swimming action.

I would highly recommend reusable swim nappies for anybody with little ones, be it for the weekly swimming lesson at the local pool, to a beach holiday. They took no extra effort, looked mega cute and saved us a load of space in our suitcase.

I’m typing half of this on the plane. On my left is Joe with a finally sleeping Ezra on his lap.

And on my right is Violet engrossed in Frozen.

This morning we made our way by bus, train and shuttle bus from Bromley to London Luton Airport. The whole journey went very smoothly. The kids were, on the whole, really good. Violet has surpassed herself with the number of questions she has asked today and it’s only 2pm!
Once we got to Luton we joined a long queue at check-in to drop our suitcase. I’m not sure if this is usual but there was only 1 desk servicing ALL Ryanair flights. But we had given ourselves so much extra time that this didn’t worry us. Ezra ran around the lane-ropes for all of the other unmanned desks and Violet did her best at being patient (we are learning this word and the meaning…!)

Once we had dropped our luggage we made our way to security. We made sure we poured out the water from their drinking cups and I had already put all of our smaller liquids in 2 little sandwich bags. So imagine my surprise when security took my 2 little sandwich bags and told me that they are not in the correct bags and therefore I cannot have my items back!!!!!! I was told that as they do not seal shut and are not the correct dimensions as dictated by the Civil Aviation Authority they would not give my liquids back to me. I had to go to a vending machine and pay ¬£1 for a kinder egg type container which had 2¬†CORRECT¬†plastic¬†bags. Except I didn’t have ¬£1 on me, and neither did Joe. Queue Joe dashing off into the departure area to find a cashpoint and then spend the money to get some change. Anyway, I could then buy the kinder egg and put my liquids from my carefully assembled sandwich bags into these official bags. Security didn’t even re-scan them. The official bags did not make ANY difference.

So that’s a big lesson learnt and tip for flying….Luton airport do not supply plastic bags for free as Gatwick and Heathrow do. You have to buy them. Despite them making no difference to the checks carried out. This is the clause for getting your liquids back!

Anyway, we then found a hot sweaty bench to sit on (Luton is undergoing building works so there is a real lack of any comfortable seating and ventilation seems to be at a minimum). We scoffed our homemade sandwiches and all of a sudden it was time to go to our gate. I made a pit stop at Pret a Mange to ask for some warm milk for Ezra. The assistant said I didn’t need to pay and it was free. Wow – what excellent customer service. I also bought 4 croissants for the flight.

We boarded the flight and it took off on time. Violet swiftly got into Frozen for the 100th time. Ezra twisted and turned on Joe’s lap for an hour and then all of a sudden looked up at his daddy and snuggled his face into Joe’s neck. Asleep.

The flight went better than we could have expected with a 4 and 1 year old. ¬†At 30 weeks pregnant I discovered I cannot bring the fold-away table down without it touching my bump (I don’t like things touching my baby bump).

So now we are here. Let the summer holidays begin!