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Sits down and starts typing.

I’ve been a little absent from my blog for the last few weeks.  Life just came at a million miles an hour and took over any attempts I made to write a post!  But I’m feeling more settled again now and so I’m back with a whole new look!  What do you think about my new banner?  It’s been created by the wonderful Angie Spurgeon at Artwork By Angie.  I gave her a very broad brief and she has come up with my new blog identity.

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I just love it!!  I can’t rate her highly enough and she’s gone out of her way to help me out along the way.  I have the same image on my Facebook and Twitter so please come and have a look.

I can summarise the last few weeks in one word.  VOMIT.  Sounds grim and it was grim!  It started off with Ezra getting yet another nursery bug.  Coughing like nothing I’ve heard before from a baby and copious amounts of sick every day for weeks.  We got antibiotics quite quickly however he point blank refused to take them.  We tried every trick in the book but he would not take them and it was really starting to stress all of us out.  His cough just worsened (if that’s possible!). After a particularly horrendous night I called 111 who made him an OOH appointment at the hospital.  The Doctor prescribed a different antibiotic and an inhaler.  The inhaler has been pretty useless as he will not have the mask on his face, however he has taken the medicine from a spoon.  Lo and behold his cough has gone and he hasn’t been sick for 7 whole days!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how relieved I am…we are all feeling more rested, I’m not mopping up vomit all the time, Ezra smells nice and most importantly he is well!  So just as Ez was turning a corner Violet brought a d&v bug home from nursery which spread through our house and my parent’s house quicker than wildfire!  It was brutal and we dropped one by one in dramatic fashion!

But right now, we are HEALTHY!!!

I have started my new secondment position and I am really enjoying myself.  The mountain of work in front of me to complete the project is quite daunting but I’m feeling good about the challenge and am happy with what I have produced to date.

I will save some of the other things for another post but safe to say things are feeling much rosier now than they have for a couple of weeks.

Great to be back!


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I little late but here are the small things which have made me happy over the last week:

  1. On Wednesday 111 advised me to take Ezra to hospital because he was vomiting terribly from his cough (whilst fighting Chicken Pox also).  The Dr at our local hospital checked Ezra thoroughly and said he must be suffering from a viral infection as there were no signs of bacterial infection.  I am so thankful to the NHS for being there 24/7 to care for us.  I needed the reassurance that we were treating Ezra’s illness correctly and the Dr made me feel like a good mum for bringing him in to be checked, rather than silly for wasting his time when there was no treatment he could give.
  2. Violet’s relationship with my Dad is really developing.  He wasn’t vey hands on when she was a baby, just not quite sure what to do with her.  But since she has become little girl with personality, thoughts and chatter they spend a lot of time talking about this and that.  This week while I was working I heard them laughing because the squirrels kept coming and digging up my Dad’s flower pots!  He kept getting up to shoo them away which Violet found hilarious.
  3. Violet went to pre-school for an extra day this week.  This made her SO happy.  Enough said!
  4. We carved pumpkins together on Saturday.  Violet wasn’t overly keen on getting her hands dirty but it was fun making traditions which I hope will grow year on year.
  5. My aunt, uncle, great aunt and great uncle came for Sunday lunch at my parents house.  It was so lovely to see them after a long time.  And I loved seeing Violet and Ezra interact with their family.

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When Ezra was born I will forever remember him being laid on my chest and feeling his warm, soft, silky skin against mine.  The marathon of labour was done and I felt euphoric that I had had such a positive experience after the trauma of Violet’s birth.

Through eyes filled with happy tears, Joe and I stared at our new baby boy.  Those first few moments were just incredible.  This baby had been part of our mind and hearts for the past 9 months (and our dreams for a lot longer), we had seen him wiggling and kicking in my belly and despite loving him so much we were only just meeting him for the first time!  For both of my children I felt wonderment that I made a whole human!  It wasn’t an alien in there as I had imagined but a person with life spread out in front of them.

I was lucky to have a straightforward birth with Ezra and was able to cuddle him for ages.  He felt so warm and new on my chest.  I stroked his body, kissed his head, encouraged him to hold my fingers.  He was so so calm.  Opening his eyes occasionally and blinking back against the light.  I was in heaven.  Pure happiness was coursing through my body.  The love hit me like a thunderclap.

Vix 251

It came for me to be stitched and I needed the Entonox so Joe got to have cuddles and bond with our son.  Once the midwife had finished I showered (that has to be the best shower ever).  When I came back into the room it was time to feed Ezra.  My breastfeeding journey was a complicated mess with Violet so I needed the support with Ezra.  I wasn’t shy in asking anyone who would listen if we were feeding correctly.  It felt so strange but we were doing it!  We had to stay in the hospital for 12 hours for monitoring (I was Group B Strep+) and I spent the whole time holding Ezra and having skin-to-skin.  I couldn’t stop looking at him!  When he stirred he would feed and then relax into sleep again.  Ezra remained calm and peaceful.  I felt so in-tune with him. Confident in myself. Powerful.

Vix 242

Once we were home the days passed quickly.  We had to get Ezra to settle into our routine with Violet.  I remember feeling so powerfully connected to Ezra, almost as if a magnet was pulling us together.  When I wasn’t cuddling him I felt like I wanted to at least hold his hand or stroke his cheek.  Even during the exhausting night feeds I felt happy that I could hold my baby again.  It’s like that funny scene in Friends where Rachel looks at baby Emma in the moses basket and says to Phoebe “right now I miss her” and Phoebe says “but you know she’s right there”.  That was me!  This feeling lasted and I just could not put my finger on why.

It was only during a wonderful post-natal massage when Ezra was about 5 months old that everything slotted into place.  The massage therapist (also a practicing midwife) asked me if I had had skin-to-skin after Ezra was born.  She explained that the first skin-to-skin contact with Ezra would have triggered a powerful hormonal response in me.  Ezra was my very own Oxytocin hit!

Ezra is now 10 months old and a couple of nights ago when I put him to bed he started to cry.  I picked him up but he didn’t stop crying.  I offered milk but he refused.  Then I put him to my shoulder and pressed my cheek against his.  He settled immediately.  Once again I felt that rush flow through me and I was reminded of our powerful bond.

Ezra responding so beautifully to my touch prompted me to think about skin-to-skin further.  My research has suggested the benefits are:

  • The contact helps to regulate the baby’s temperature, breathing, heartbeat and blood-sugar.
  • The baby will be able to hear the mother’s heartbeat – a sound they have heard from the uterus for so long.  Familiar sounds like the heartbeat will enable baby to remain calm and not feel stressed.
  • Being in immediate close contact to the mother’s (or father’s) skin allows baby to pick up friendly bacteria and help prevent infections.
  • Holding your baby skin-to-skin will help to encourage loving feelings thanks to the oxytocin hormone which will be released.
  • Skin-to-skin can help encourage baby to breastfeed and stimulate faster milk production.

I am a complete advocate of skin-to-skin after birth (where it is possible). It’s something I wasn’t able to do with Violet as it was a long and traumatic birth.  When friends have asked me about birth or about writing their birth-plans I have strongly advised them to include skin-to-skin.  Holding Ezra for those first few hours has undoubtedly help forge a powerful bond between the two of us. I have no doubt that his easy birth had a huge part to play also.  I just wonder how much longer I’ll feel the need to press my cheek against his – he probably won’t be so up for it when he’s 16!!

Were you able to have skin-to-skin after giving birth?  How did it make you feel?  Pop a comment below and let me know.

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I have been asked to write an update on Ezra’s hand following the whole burning incident.  On Saturday I drove back to the hospital very hopeful that his bandages would come off and we could get back to normal.  The nurses checked his hand and despite it healing nicely there was still a risk of infection so they put a new bandage on.  Poor Ezra found it quite stressful and I did feel a little despondent.

When we got home he did this:


and then this:



So Joe and I did this:


What more can we do??

In true Ezra style, he didn’t let the bandage bother him.  In fact he leant how to pull himself up to standing with 1 hand.  Such a little champ!  He adapted to 1 hand so well that he automatically used his left hand for everything.

Yesterday Joe took him back to the hospital.  The Doctor and nurses were so happy with his hand he was discharged!  If I had been there, I would have skipped down the corridor feeling elated that my boy was ok and we can put this all behind us.  Ezra had this first bath in almost 2 weeks and he really needed it!  There’s only so much a dunk in the bath and a flannel around the important areas will do.  He is quite noticeably favouring his left hand and moving the right one more gingerly.  But hopefully he will start using them both equally as quickly as he adapted to 1.

So, this has been quite an episode for us all.  Joe and I have both learnt very big lessons.  Ezra clearly has not.  I’ll need to watch him like a hawk wont I!

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Best of Worst