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Back with a New Look

Back with a New Lookfeatured

Walks back into Blogland. Does a little twirl. Sits down and starts typing. I’ve been a little absent from my blog for the last few weeks.  Life just came at a million miles an hour and took over any attempts I made to write a post!  But I’m feeling more settled again now and so Read more

Happy Days Week 4

Happy Days Week 4featured

I little late but here are the small things which have made me happy over the last week: On Wednesday 111 advised me to take Ezra to hospital because he was vomiting terribly from his cough (whilst fighting Chicken Pox also).  The Dr at our local hospital checked Ezra thoroughly and said he must be suffering from Read more

Skin-to-Skin from Birth

Skin-to-Skin from Birthfeatured

When Ezra was born I will forever remember him being laid on my chest and feeling his warm, soft, silky skin against mine.  The marathon of labour was done and I felt euphoric that I had had such a positive experience after the trauma of Violet’s birth. Through eyes filled with happy tears, Joe and Read more


Sh*t happens updatefeatured

I have been asked to write an update on Ezra’s hand following the whole burning incident.  On Saturday I drove back to the hospital very hopeful that his bandages would come off and we could get back to normal.  The nurses checked his hand and despite it healing nicely there was still a risk of Read more


Sh*t happensfeatured

August has been a total wash-out and I was feeling chilled to the bone. So we decided to give the heating a blast in the mornings this weekend to help us thaw out. Ezra was an early riser on Sunday so I got up to a gorgeously warm house. Once Violet was up the 2 Read more