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Ezra is Two!

Ezra is Two!featured

My gorgeous Ezra is 2 years old! Those 2 years have flown by and yet it feels like Ezra has always been in our lives. One of his middle names is Onni. It means ‘happy’ in Finnish. Our choice of middle name was completely inspired as it sums him up perfectly. He has happiness and Read more

Time Capsule: Ezra at 10 months

Time Capsule: Ezra at 10 monthsfeatured

Today Ezra is 10 months old. The cliché is that time flies, but this year has really flown at such a rate. I’m struggling to even remember what those early days with a newborn baby were like. My big achievements were successfully breastfeeding for the first time, getting through the days with a tiny baby and Read more