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Winning at Mummying: Top 10

Winning at Mummying: Top 10featured

Winning at Mummying: Top 10 1) Violet came to me the other week with a blueberry up each nostril. She was showing off about it but looked perplexed when my reaction was to launch myself at her and pinch the top of her nose to stop them going any higher. Heart racing and hands tingling Read more


It’s all new and shiny!featured

After a month of blogging I have developed a real love for it. I find myself constantly planning what I can write about next and when. Finding the time to pen something down can be tricky with working full time, commuting in London and home life. But I’m getting there! Last night I went all self-hosting! Read more


The evil in my saladfeatured

It lurks in my salad. Camouflaging itself. Innocently sitting there. No mention of it on the front packaging. But it’s sat in there shredded into little pieces. Tiny little pieces so you get some with every bite. Such small pieces so you can’t even pick it out. I open my salad, feeling virtuous with my Read more


Mum tumfeatured

I have a mum tum. Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of my tummy. It grew 2 children and kept them safe until they were ready to come into the world. But still…..I have a mum tum. I catch glimpses of my reflection in shop windows and it’s just THERE. And despite people close Read more


The mum in mefeatured

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a mum. I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children and being their mum is beyond what I ever hoped it might be. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I wonder what feral animal has possessed my 3 year old or I step Read more


Think it blog itfeatured

Hi! I’m Vix. Wife to Joe. Mummy to Violet and Ezra. So why am I starting this blog? Well, I go back to work in a week from maternity leave. And I have been feeling quite nostalgic; looking back over the last 9 months and remembering what I have been getting up to away from Read more