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Safety has always been of importance to me, however since I became a mum it became really significant.  And never more so than in the car.  I like to think I’m a good driver; aware of others, don’t go too fast and I don’t take risks.  But being out and about with these 2 tinkers in the back, usually one of them wanting my attention in some way, brings about challenges.  These days I try to time a trip out in the car with Ezra’s nap.  He will snooze for about 45 minutes which means I only have to think about Violet.  Generally she is good in the car, we chat about where we are going, play eye-spy, sing songs…and sometimes she even sits quietly and watches the world go by out the window.  For longer journeys we schedule in stops so that Ezra doesn’t totally lose it in his seat and Violet has a DVD player so she can indulge in Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly!


We have a second hand car which does the job.  We aren’t precious about it and it does get piled full of all the stuff we need as a family (kids come with SO much stuff!).  We just use the car locally and the odd trip North to see family.  Making sure our car is safe for us and others around us is so important.  Our preferred garage for MOTs and other fixes is Kwik-Fix.  Their service is excellent and we are never left waiting.  They are honest and help us keep our car running.  We have had our tyres changed a few times over the years (let’s just say the tyres weren’t fantastic when we bought the car) and knowing that our wheels are up to the job gives us real peace of mind.  When changing the tyres we’ve always opted for the middle grade tyre.  Ofcourse the lower grade is perfectly acceptable but we have felt it worth paying a little more to get a better quality.  Arguably we could have gone for the top grade however they felt out of our price bracket and for the miles our car does.


A website which you can use to check which tyres are compatible for your car is


It’s really user friendly, you can either put in the specific details if you know them, or (if like me, you aren’t so into your cars) you can just put your registration number in and it will find your car, this worked with my Citroen.  The website will bring up all of the tyres your car can use and price points.  The idea is that you reserve the tyre you want online and then get it fitted locally.  And even better, this is nationally available.  This could also help you shop around and have a comparison for quotes you may receive from other garages.


Since getting our latest set of tyres I have become a little anal about checking the pressures!  But it’s so easy, we have a gauge from Halfords and when it’s looking a little low we pop along to the petrol station and fill them up again!


Our car may not be pretty, it may have crumbs over the seats from yet another breadstick and a scuff mark from throwing the buggy in the boot but it serves our needs.  It gets us safely from A – B in part due to looking after our tyres!


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