Christmas comes to Nugent Shopping in Orpington

Christmas comes to Nugent Shopping in Orpingtonfeatured

Violet and Ezra have been enjoying the festive season and are so excited about Christmas day being just a few days away!  So the chance to meet Santa and hand over those all important wish lists could not be missed!

Father Christmas has rolled into the Nugent Shopping Centre in Orpington on his big red bus today and tomorrow (21-22 December) from 10am-6pm.  It’s a free family event where children can come aboard, make Christmas postcards and then meet the man himself.

Joe took Violet and Ezra along today and said it was a really friendly, calm and fun event.  They were greeted by Santa’s elves and shown to a table with a lovely selection of pens, stickers, stamps, glitter and glue!  They were given a blank postcard which they could decorate however they liked.

Violet carefully planned out her stickers, glitter and drawings. Ezra took the gung-ho approach like any other 3 year old and covered his card in beautiful scribbles and sticky glitter. The children were able to take as long as they liked over the activity which was lovely as often in these places you can feel a bit hurried along.

Once they had finished their decorating they told Joe what they would like most of all from Santa on Christmas day.  Violet said she would like unicorns, fairies and a castle.  Ezra simply wants a yo-yo!  Joe wrote them on the cards and then they went to wait their turn to deliver their wish lists.

The top deck of the bus had been turned into a winter wonderland with beautifully decorated trees and snow.  And waiting at the end of the bus was a very jolly Father Christmas!  Violet and Ezra chatted to Father Christmas and handed over their postcards.  In return Santa had a rummage in his stocking and gave them both a snow globe!  They were delighted!!

Next to the bus there are some stalls selling waffles, crepes and German sausages.  The freshly made crepes and chocolate sauce were scoffed in an instant!

Violet came home and told me Father Christmas was so lovely and friendly and had made her feel very happy.

For a free event you cant ask for much more!  So while shopping for those last minute gifts at the Nugent tomorrow, why not make a pit stop at the big red bus and let the kids feel and see the magic of Christmas!


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