A conversation with a 3 year old after pre-schoolfeatured

Me: what did you do at pre-school today Violet?

Violet: nothing

Me: you must have done something! Who did you play with? What games did you play? What did you eat?

Violet: oh! I played in the garden! We were looking for insects.

Me: that sounds fun. What did you find?

Violet: I found a worm and I held it!!

Me: you held it? Wow, what did it feel like? Did it wiggle?

Violet: yes it was wiggling on my hands and it tickled. I also picked up a snail.

Me: that sounds great. What else did you find?

Violet: there was a slug, I touched it with my finger.

Me: really?? Was it slimy? Did you really touch it?

Violet: yes I did.

Me: were there any other insects?

Violet: yes. I touched a crocodile and it bit me on the finger.

Me: ………………

Violet: have you got me any snacks mummy?


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