Ezra is Two!

Ezra is Two!featured

My gorgeous Ezra is 2 years old! Those 2 years have flown by and yet it feels like Ezra has always been in our lives.

One of his middle names is Onni. It means ‘happy’ in Finnish. Our choice of middle name was completely inspired as it sums him up perfectly. He has happiness and joy coursing through him and he always seems to be looking at things from the sunny side of the street.

When you meet him, he may seem shy but it only lasts a minute or two. If you give him the time of day he will reward you with smiles, chatter and the squeekiest laugh you’ve ever heard!

He has his funny little ways, like when he dances on the spot with stamp stamp feet, or he finds a feather he has to blow it, or the way he screws his face up to smile for a photo. He has learnt to run and jump and I love seeing his massive blonde head bobbing up and down while he’s having fun!
Ezra was a little slow to find his words this year, but now he’s got the hang of it he loves talking! The pronunciation may be a little off and you’ll hear the word “bump” about 300 times a day. But he makes himself heard and understood very well!

His relationship with Violet is intense. They adore each other so much it’s almost stifling sometimes and fights and bickering are frequent in our house. But I do not doubt that they will remain as close as they grow older. Violet talks about missing Ezra while she is at school, and if one of us takes Ezra to the supermarket he will sit in the trolley and ask about Sissy the whole way round the shop.

I feel like I’ve always had a special bond with Ezra. There seems to be an understanding between us both which I can’t really describe. I just get him. It’s been tested with the arrival of Felix. I can see that Ezra has gravitated to Joe for comfort whereas previously he would always come to me first. But this is healthy and I am pleased he will go to his Father. We still have our special bond and I love him more than I can even explain.

So, this world has been blessed with our little (actually he’s massive!) Ezra for 2 whole years. He is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. Happy Birthday to our wonderful boy!


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