Felix and his Must-Have Clothes

Felix and his Must-Have Clothesfeatured

I really love kids clothes. Well, I love what I like and as I’ve said so many times before I’m quite particular about what they wear. Comfy, practical, durable, simple and fun are my key criteria.

Having an older brother means that Felix already has a full wardrobe. However there have been a few additions which I just have to blog about. This post will be a bit photo-heavy but hey, he’s gorgeous!

The Hats!

These bonnet hats are all from Maxomorra. Another fabulous Scandi brand where the cotton is soft and the print is bold. They work so well with baby wearing and actually stay on his head thanks to the ties under his chin. I’m definitely on the look out for more bonnets. Practical and I think he looks beyond adorable!
The Knitted Cardigans

Thanks to my aunt, the children have all received numerous hand knitted cardigans. I think they work so well for babies because, firstly they are warm, but secondly they are so soft the baby can still move their arms and body freely. It’s a bugbear of mine that often children’s coats are so padded they can hardly move their arms! Well with my pretty substantial collection of knitted cardigans this isn’t an issue. The children are really comfy in them and they also work fantastically for baby wearing in a way that padded coats would not.


We just love leggings. So soft and let Felix be able to move freely. We have quite a collection, but featured here are Polarn O. Pyret,  Joules and Bear & Babe. No buttons or poppers to worry about and once again they work so well with baby wearing.

Did I say already, I love baby clothes!!


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