Felix is ONE!!!

Felix is ONE!!!featured

My gorgeous Felix is one today! And I’m an emotional wreck!! How has my little bubba been earth side for a whole year??

It’s the old cliché, but wow this year has gone fast! I think with each child the time just goes faster and faster.
So my blue eyed boy can crawl at the speed of lightning. He’ll be going about his business and then put his head down and crank up the gears! He also does a fabulous monkey crawl where he just goes around on his hands and feet with bum in the air!

Felix can stand and cruise along furniture, occasionally letting go. But I think we are a good few weeks away from walking yet (probably famous last words!)

He makes really wonderful and interesting sounds but no words yet. I’m trying to teach him “mama”! I’m also starting to see understanding of speech. He knows the word ‘gently’ and will stroke our faces and say ‘aaahhhh’.

Sleep? Everyone wants to know how a baby sleeps, right? Well Felix makes up his own rules when it comes to sleep. If he isnt ready to go to bed in the evening theres no way you can convince him. We’ve just accepted this and let him play downstairs until he is ready. And then there’s the waking in the night. Multiple time. A good night constitutes feeds every 3-4 hours so you can imagine what a bad one is like… He’ll get there one day…
Felix is a snuggler. He actively seeks physical contact. Which I guess goes some way to explaining his poor sleep. He just wants to be cuddled and held. I may be more sleep deprived as a result but I secretly enjoy it. Cuddles make him feel good and I’m not going to deny him the simplest of pleasures.

My baby boy. He has such a sweet nature and is a joy to be around. He’s made all my wishes as his mother come true in his first year of life. I’m a lucky lucky person to have Felix in my life.

Happy first birthday to our awesome Felix!!


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