How we Survived Chicken Pox X2

How we Survived Chicken Pox X2featured

October has been the month of Chicken Pox in our house.  The latest Chicken Pox epidemic at nursery saw 34 children struck down, including my 2.

I had started wondering about getting Violet vaccinated as I really didn’t want her to be much older when she caught the Pox.  But then she got it.  We had the added drama that my Dad hasn’t had it.  How he has got to the age of 68 and never had Chicken Pox I do not know!  Surely that means he has a natural immunity??  My parents look after the children 2 days a week so when Violet got the spots my Dad put a ban on us visiting and we quarantined ourselves at home.

Poor Violet got such a raw deal with the spots.  She was COVERED.  They were everywhere.  When I heard that Chicken Pox was doing the rounds again at pre-school I went to the pharmacy and bought ViraSoothe gel and PoxCiln foam.  People I spoke to asked if I was using Calamine lotion.  My reading told me that this treatment from my childhood had now been superseded.  Supposedly, although Calamine lotion dries the spots, it also dries the skin which causes itchiness.  The spots are already itchy as they are so you don’t want to make the skin itchy as well!


My approach was to use the ViraSoothe gel on Violet’s face and any angry spots on her body.  Then I used the PoxClin foam all over her body.  Violet liked to put the foam on her tummy; it was good for her to get involved with treating her spots.  Both the gel and foam cool the spots and ease itching.  They claim to promote natural healing and reduce scarring.  I was really impressed with both products and they really helped calm Violet’s poor skin.  Once the spots started showing I had a really serious conversation with Violet about not scratching them.  I explained how if she scratches them it will make her skin very poorly.  Violet was amazing, she didn’t scratch her skin at all.  Whenever she felt uncomfortable and itchy she came to tell me and then we got the gel and foam and treated her skin.  I really couldn’t believe how sensible Violet was being.

An added treatment I had heard of was to put porridge oats in some tights (tie a knot!) and then allowing the water to pass through the tights when running a bath.  The milky softened water really does soothe the skin and relieve itching.  Violet thought I was slightly bonkers for putting porridge in her bath and kept chuckling and asking me why!  We dabbed the tights on her spots and allowed the water to dribble over her sore skin.  Once she got out the bath we made sure to pat her dry with a fluffy towel.

Ezra got spots 2 weeks after Violet and being younger he has had a much milder dose.  We have treated his spots in exactly the same way and he has seemed very unbothered by them.

So, for Chicken Pox treatment I recommend:

  • ViraSoothe gel
  • PoxClin foam
  • Porridge oats in tights in the bath

I am so glad we are done with the Pox.  Hopefully November will mark the start of a germ-free winter!



n.b. this post contains product reviews. I was not asked to review these products, I just think they are really good! There are links in this post.  If you buy via these links then I earn a few extra pennies 🙂

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