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In a bid to try and un-mumsify myself I bought some nice tops for work WHICH NEED IRONING.  I don’t iron anything. The kids clothes are all a bit crinkly and Joe does his own shirts.  Last night Joe offered to iron my new tops for me!  (I think he was feeling particularly charitable as it was my last day of maternity leave and I have been feeling quite emotional about returning to work).

Well, I wasn’t going to turn that offer down!  I brought down 4 tops, including a lemon yellow one which I really like and handed them over to him.  A few minutes later I heard an “oh no!” and Joe came in holding my yellow top with a hole burnt into the back!!!  My heart sank.  I particularly liked this top because it was flattering yet forgiving for my post-2-baby-body.  There was nothing that could be done so I quickly put it in the bin. Joe felt so bad about it and I found it difficult to hide my disappointment.  It felt like a bad omen.

What I didn’t know was that Joe fished the top out of the bin and took it to work with him today. At lunch time he went to H&M in Westfield and asked for help in buying a replacement top.  They searched high and low and found one!!

Joe says whenever I wear it now it will remind me of how much of a wally he was but also how much he loves me.  He is totally brilliant ❤


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