Introducing: Ezrafeatured

I’m days away from the end of my maternity leave so writing about Ezra is even more emotional than it would normally be. Ezra is a crawling, babbling, 9 months old. I call him my sunbeam!

My pregnancy with Ezra wasn’t simple. I tested positive for Group B Strep, was anaemic and the ligaments in my pelvis stretched so much that I felt in near on constant pain. In comparison to Violet, Ezra’s birth was straightforward.  I was mentally and physically scarred by Violet’s birth so my anxiety levels were high. I am so thankful he came easily (don’t get me wrong, it still hurt like hell!!!)

Ezra is a bit of a mummy’s boy at the moment. When I leave the room he will usually follow me out. When I sit on the floor he will crawl over and put his hands on my lap and try to climb up. He gives such gorgeous squishy cuddles and has learnt how to blow raspberries on my neck! I try not to laugh when I give him one last cuddle at bedtime, he rests his sleepy on my shoulder, I sway gently and just hold him for 1 more second drinking in his baby soft skin, and then he turns his head open mouthed onto my neck and blows the biggest, noisiest, wettest raspberry!!



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