Introducing: Violetfeatured

Violet is my trail blazer into parenting. When I found out I was expecting my first baby I could not have imagined the beautiful whirlwind I was going to call my daughter.  She arrived promptly on her due date following a long and drawn out labour and pretty brutal birth. But there she was. A healthy baby girl. What do we do now?? How on earth do I keep this little scrap alive? Let me just say the first days were far from easy and we even went back to hospital for a couple of days. But that’s another story I may come back to in another post.

I was lucky enough to have 10 months off work with Violet. We went to classes, lapped the local park so many times I probably wore holes in my shoes and generally just got to know each other. Violet was quite late to crawl and walk but looking back, having a Buddha baby was pretty easy.  By the time she was on the move she had developed enough to know not to stick her tongue in plug holes or trap her fingers in the chest of drawers <looks pointedly at Ezra>…

I look at Violet often and wonder where she came from? Who she takes after? What makes this ball of lovable feistiness tick? And do you know what…sometimes I really don’t know the answer! She is an intelligent girl who astounds us with her vocabulary. She loves animals and will give equal time to an ant as she would a cat or a dog. She’s quirky and independent, sometimes ferocious with her temper, funny and above all, my beautiful daughter.



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