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Now that Ezra is sleeping through the night (praise the Lord!) we are starting to think about putting him in the same room as Violet.  Since we moved here we have replastered the bedrooms, painted and laid new carpets but the rooms are still quite generic and impersonal.  I would really like to decorate their room as a place of peace and rest at night but also for play during the day.  Currently their toys are downstairs steadily taking over our dining room.  We want to move lots of them upstairs so that Violet and Ezra can play in their bedroom.

When it comes to themes I want something which wont date or be too baby-ish.  Generally my taste is for bright and bold.  Not frilly or fussy.  I’ve been toying with getting Violet a cabin bed as the storage would be fantastic.  But looks-wise I really like the idea of a hospital bedframe.  I just think they look so classy and effortlessly cool.  All I know for sure is that she is starting to outgrow her toddler bed!

When it comes to bedding we have a bit of everything in our house.  On our bed we have 2 Marimekko print duvet covers:


Kivet -pussilakanasetti


Unikko duvet cover set

We have sheets from Debenhams and John Lewis.  And even some brushed cotton ones from Primark!  As long as the sheets are comfy and wash well I am not really too worried where they come from.

When Violet stopped using baby sleeping bags I bought her an amazing duvet cover from Finlayson.


Otso Duvet Cover Set

It’s probably not your obvious choice for a 2 year old girl but it just caught my eye and I love it.  The colours have remained vibrant despite all the washes and I can see this being a source of inspiration for when we decorate their bedroom.  I think woodland themes are quite ‘in’ at the moment when it comes to kids rooms but it feels all the more apt for us having Finnish roots!  Ezra is still in his sleeping bags (can I just say I think these are absolute genius!) but once he is using a duvet cover i’ll have to see what we can get him.

When browsing through the Yorkshire Linen Co website I came across so many duvet sets which gave me ideas for our decorating plans.

I really like stags so these ones caught my eye:


and Violet loves owls so this one popped out at me:

I’ve also considered a sea/sailing theme for the kids room so this one caught my eye:

And just because it’s Christmas time I had to pick out this one!  I’m pretty sure Violet would refuse to get out of bed if she had a Santa duvet and pillow set!

The Yorkshire Linen Co was established in 1993 and they pride themselves on luxury bed linen and soft furnishings at affordable prices.  They have products to suit every taste from contemporary all the way to traditional.  As well as a huge online store there are 30 shops dotted around the UK.  And what’s more, they have a massive sale on at the moment!


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