Did you know, in October Miffy has come back with a brand new TV series on Tiny Pop!

Miffy on Tiny Pop 2

Miffy is a lovable little bunny created 60 years ago by a Dutch artist called Dick Bruner.  Bruner would make up stories about a little white bunny and tell them to his son.  Miffy is drawn in a very minimalist style which appeals to my preference towards bright and bold design.

Bruner’s story books have been translated into over 50 languages and Miffy is loved by millions world-wide.  The first TV show was aired in the early 90’s and now there is a new series for pre-schoolers to enjoy.  Each episode is 7 minutes long showing Miffy and her friends exploring the world around her.  The stories are simple and have fun songs to ensure even the youngest viewers stay engaged throughout.

Miffy’s new series is part of Tiny Pop’s evening block, Cuddle Time, which features gentle programming allowing kids, mums and dads to enjoy calmer family favourites before bedtime.

Violet hasn’t watched any Miffy shows before so I’m going to make sure I record some episodes for her to watch.

Welcome back to our home screens Miffy!


This is a collaborative post with Miffy and Tiny Pop


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