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I have a mum tum.

Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of my tummy. It grew 2 children and kept them safe until they were ready to come into the world. But still…..I have a mum tum.

I catch glimpses of my reflection in shop windows and it’s just THERE. And despite people close to me saying it’s really not that bad and I am distorting it in my mind, I have been mistaken for being pregnant. Unless you know someone is expecting don’t assume!! My mum did it once to someone and I remember feeling so embarrassed I wanted the earth to swallow me up! Thankfully it wasn’t someone she knew too well so we didn’t see her very often. But still, not cool!

I had hoped that breastfeeding would sort it. But no! If you scoff all the cake during breastfeeding you will not shed the baby weight.

So, inspired by my summer holiday and seeing my aunts speed walking 10km before breakfast I figured it was time I did something. I got myself an activity tracker bracelet from Groupon. It counts my steps and distance, gives me an idea of how many calories I have burnt and it also monitors my sleep. I am not a great sleeper so it’s really interesting seeing how deeply I sleep each night (and also how quickly it takes me to go back to sleep after a night feed!). Seeing how many steps I have done just makes me want to do more.

I have also started yoga classes. I am a total beginner and am trying to learn what makes yoga ‘good’. I am trying to find that inner strength and calm that can be developed through yoga. And ofcourse I am trying to increase my physical strength through getting into the positions and then holding them. The class has men and women, older and younger, expert and beginner. I am taking inspiration from those far older than me who can find these incredibly complex positions seemingly with ease. Whilst I wobble on 1 leg trying to simultaneously touch my toes and look up to the sky I try my hardest to remember that right now this is my best and through practice I hope I can improve. Someone said to me last week “it doesn’t matter how good you are, what matters is how you get there”. I’ll take that nugget and keep it.

So here goes mum tum. You don’t need to be gone, but if I work hard hopefully I can become much more comfortable with you.


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