My Crochet Refugee Blanket for Woolly Hugs

My Crochet Refugee Blanket for Woolly Hugsfeatured

I learnt to crochet about 9 years ago thanks to a good friend showing me how to do a single crochet stitch. Since then I’ve taught myself by following YouTube tutorials, been on a super crochet workshop and joined various yarn groups on Facebook.

A few weeks ago whilst trying to wade through the mountain of STUFF we have in our house I came across some squares I first made when learning how to crochet. I’ve been hanging onto these for years and really needed to do something with them!

I decided to stitch them all together to make a blanket which I have donated to Woolly Hugs. Woolly Hugs is a charity which makes blankets for people here in the UK and abroad. The idea is that something as simple as a cosy handmade blanket can just bring a bit of joy to someone during a time of sadness or difficulty. In the past I have donated individual squares which have been stitched into a larger blanket. It felt really lovely that my little square would bring someone some comfort. To begin with as part of a blanket to just snuggle under. But then further down the line as something beautiful and artistic.

But who would want my hotch potch blanket of different colours, textures, stitches and ability? Well, Woolly Hugs also collect donated blankets for families in refugee camps in Kurdistan and Syria. People who have fled from their homes and have absolutely nothing. My heart breaks to imagine the fear they have faced and the suffering they face as they are about to go into a freezing winter.

My blanket isn’t the prettiest but I can tell you that having snuggled under it the last couple of weeks it is warm. The stitches tell a story of learning. And the joining is done with peace and love in my heart.

I hope my blanket finds it way to a family who will make real use of it. It’s large so will easily work for a tall adult or to wrap up some children for warmth.
Do you knit or crochet? Please consider Woolly Hugs as a charity you might like to support.


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