November Round-up

November Round-upfeatured

Family Life:

After declaring that November would be the month of a healthy family, we took a rapid decline into the depths of coughing, vomiting and sleepless nights!  I took Ezra to our local hospital twice due to his latest bout of Bronchiolitis and Violet kept us up a few nights through croup!  So that’s really it, ok?!  We have had our lot.  NO MORE GERMS * !

At the start of November we did our Northern Family tour and stopped off to visit one of my best friends who is also Ezra’s Godmother.  She took us to see Saltaire which was a textile mill and village built by Titus Salt.

The rest of November has been fairly quiet, we have stayed at home and just trundled on through the working week.  On Saturday it was Ezra’s first birthday.  We had the best time celebrating and felt like it really was the perfect family day.  On Sunday we put up the Christmas decorations!!  I know it’s slightly early but with Ezra’s birthday falling on the 28th, it felt like a lovely new tradition to start Christmas straight after.  Joe put up some blue LED string fairy lights on the outside of the house and I positioned 3 LED toadstools in our garden!  Joe had been very dubious when I bought these mushrooms, it was definitely a stray away from the usual reindeer and Santa we see in people’s front gardens!  But he agreed with me, they look fantastic!!  Certainly a little different, which I like.

I was right in predicting that Ezra would not take his first unaided steps by his birthday.  He is still cruising really well and can walk with the walker however he still seems quite a way off balancing by himself. He has learnt to point and clap in November.  And he says “dah” which means something to him.  We haven’t figured out what though!  Ezra is really discovering how to show if he is frustrated.  He will deliberately throw himself onto the floor with dramatic tears or he will pick something up and just throw it!  My super chilled out boy is starting to display some personality traits I think he has learnt from his sister!!

Violet has been a really good girl in November.  There have been occasions where I am ready to pull my hair out, but overall she’s been great!  She is going to be an Angel in her pre-school nativity this week.  She’s been singing the songs for weeks at home – I just can’t wait to see her in the play!  Both sets of Grandparents are coming to watch!


Blog Life:

I have seen a first draft of my new logo and banner for my blog.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It really captures what my blog is about and the influences in my life.  Hopefully i’ll be able to get my mitts on the finished product in December!  I feel like I’ve settled into my groove a little more in November, I’ve got 2 regular posts; My Sunday Photo and Happy Days.  It feels good to have a couple of anchor points in the week which can otherwise be difficult with working full time and raising a young family.  I also posted my first collaborative post.  The process of working with the client was much smoother than I expected.  I have a few more collaborative opportunities in December so I hope they are just as good.

Most read post: Best Newborn baby Buys. I enjoyed looking back to when my kids were born and thinking about the products we used to make life a little bit easier. I think I’ll have to write a top baby buys and toddler buys post some day soon.

Favourite post: Babywearing – Carry them Close. This post meant a lot to me. I am a huge advocate of babywearing and have helped many friends with their babywearing journey.

My favourite blogger: Run Jump Scrap is a fabulous blog by Sarah about life with her daughter. I love her honesty and thought provoking posts. And she has the most adorable little Gremlin who never fails to make me smile on my Instagram feed!


My targets for December:

  1. To get my logo finalised and uploaded – I hope I can figure out how to do this!
  2. To work out how to block so much spam from my comments
  3. To be more active on Facebook


Thanks for reading and sticking with me during November.  I hope you have a lovely festive December!

Vix x

* Ezra may or may not have just been sent home from nursery with diarrhoea…


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