Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary.  Without a doubt 18th January 2014 was the best day of my life and I don’t see any way of topping it.


Joe and I said ‘I do’ at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent.  A series of interconnecting barns and castle turrets on the drive make this place quite magical.


I clearly remember every detail of the day… I stayed at a local B&B the night before with Violet, my parents and in-laws.  Hair and make-up arrived in the morning and it was a sudden frantic bustle of rollers, brushes, pins and powders.

IMG_7885 IMG_7889 IMG_7904

Time started to run away with us and at midday we finally piled everything into the cars and sped off to the venue.


Butterflies were kicking in but my main concern right then was that I was half an hour behind schedule and still in my normal clothes!!


Once we made it to the venue guests were arriving and I had to sneak into my room.  I didn’t have a bag or dress on me, just myself, my maid of honour and Violet who had filled her nappy.  The photographers were tapping their watches but all I could think about was that I needed to change a nappy.  Frantic phone calls to my mum who for some reason had ended up with the nappy bag were made and eventually I was just ‘normal mummy’ again but with make-up, hair and pretty nails!  Phew!


Once that minor hiccup was sorted, Caroline helped me into my dress.  It did feel absolutely wonderful to put that dress on, it will always be the best thing I’ve ever worn.  It fitted beautifully, pulled me in at all the right places and made me feel incredible!


After a few photos we walked over to the barn.  The weather was perfect, the sun milky in the sky and no rain.  The Master of Ceremonies was a lady and she talked me through everything that was about to happen.  In truth I felt like I was starting to have an out of body experience by this point but Violet was a wonderful grounding force.


I could almost deflect my nerves by making sure she was ok and fussing over her rather than feeling like everyone was fussing over me.  Once Caroline, my dad and I had been to see the Registrar and complete the last formalities we stood in the upstairs corridor.  We were ready.  Nothing else needed to be planned or sorted.  All I had to do was go and get married!


The music began and I had an instant surge of emotion.  Caroline spoke to me calmly while I tried to compose myself.  Then we walked in.


I gripped the bannister as I walked down the stairs.  “Please don’t trip” I was telling myself!  This photo is very special to me as on the window ledge you can see a photograph of my dear grandparents.  They were everything to me and would have loved to have celebrated our day.  I glanced over to the photo as I walked down the stairs.

As I started to walk down the aisle I saw so many faces of our friends and family.  Everybody was here to celebrate with Joe and myself.  As I looked down the aisle I saw Joe smiling.  I had to keep a lid on my emotions!  We were ushered onto the platform and the ceremony began.



Violet could not have been sweeter, she toddled around looking at the decorations, was lured back to my mum with the promise of chocolate buttons but ultimately came to sit at our feet as we said our vows.  It was so poignant to have our daughter at our wedding.  Perhaps we had not done things in the most traditional order but I can say that I will forever feel honoured that our first born witnessed our special day.  Once we were married and had signed the register we walked out to have a brief moment to ourselves and then some photographs.

1560713_899536641932_1822730607_n 1554522_899536861492_1852946102_n 1186679_899541656882_1009394955_n

The rest of the day was a wonderful amalgamation of dancing, food, photographs, drinks, laughter, friends, family and fun.



1545771_10152259637411654_1508918045_nFor our first wedding anniversary we stayed at home with Violet and a 7 week old Ezra.  I got Joe a print of our first year together.  This year after work we stayed in again and indulged ourselves with Homeland on Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s icecream!  We will go out in a few weeks time for cinema and a meal.

Being married is wonderful.  An absolute union and formalising our family unit.  I look back at our day with a smile and also wistfully wish I could fit into my wedding dress again one day!!!!



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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows


Here are the small things which have made me smile this week:

1. Ezra has started walking. Wobbly steps with his arms in the air for balance but he is really improving every day. His determination to stand steadily over and over again has really impressed me. There have been many falls and a few bumped heads but he is clearly so pleased with himself. His first steps were on 9th January. Such a clever boy!

2. I have been offered a 2 month secondment position at work. The interviews were this week and I found out I was successful yesterday. I’m really excited to do something new for a while!

3. Violet is wearing bunches today for the first time EVER! She looks super cute. I have tamed the curls (a bit!).

4. Daffodils! I love Spring.

5. Violet is learning to write her name. Interestingly she writes it right to left so it is spelt backwards.

That’s what’s been keeping me happy over the last week, what’s been making you smile?  Tell me about your Happy Days.

What Katy Said

We watch Ceebeebies bedtime story most nights with Violet before taking her up to bed for a book, song and sleep.

Last night we were watching a story called Ways to Say I Love You. It said things like;

I love you near

I love you far

I love you hot

I love you cold

I love you high

I love you low

Violet turned to me and said she didn’t like it because it wasn’t a story. I understood what she meant but told her I thought it was a wonderful story because it’s about saying I love you. There isn’t anything better than hearing you are loved.

She carried on watching.

At the end of the story the narrator said it was now time for bed. She said when saying goodnight how about you give someone special an extra big cuddle to say I love you.

Violet paused.

I sat with my arm around her as we always do. I hoped.

Then she turned all of a sudden and threw her arms around me!

I lapped up that cuddle. It was an I love you cuddle.

We have cuddles for comfort, for play, for well done, for excitement, for calming down, for reassurance, for sleep.

But this cuddle was for love.

A moment I will treasure.


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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows


This morning as I hauled myself out of my warm cosy pit I thought about the day stretched out in front of me, and I breathed a sigh.

Life is running by so fast at the moment. Our days and weeks are a carefully pieced together working mechanism. We have so much happening that sometimes I wonder how long we can sustain the pace. I was fast running out of steam in the lead up to Christmas and limped into the holidays with tonsillitis. The break was much needed!

So I thought I’d write down a typical Thursday which is usually our busiest day.

6am – BBRRRIIIINNGGGG!!! I have precisely 19 minutes from my alarm going off to get out the house! I shower on a Wednesday evening so that’s ticked off my list. A quick face wash and spray in the right places gets me feeling ever so slightly more awake. I pick up my pile of neatly folded work clothes and go downstairs to get dressed. Under the cover of winter this is easy however when the mornings start getting lighter I’ll have to rethink my strategy. I don’t want to go scaring the milkman! I then run the straighteners through my hair. Now that I have REALLY short hair I can’t just scrape it back into a ponytail, I have to DO something with the birds nest! Once I’m looking presentable I down some water, brush my teeth and then haul ass out of the house whist pulling my shoes and coat on.

6:20am – I take the bus to the train station and aim for a specific train. Without fail I always have to leg it from the bus to get the train. I’m beginning to recognise fellow sprinters from my bus! It’s a 50/50 chance that I make the train, this week I have missed it twice. It’s a sweaty 15 minutes into Victoria and I often don’t get a seat. I used to spend the time with my crochet however now that I’m working on a different project it’s a bit too big to bring on my commute. Now I tend to flick through the pages of the Metro or check out some blog linkys on my phone. I arrive into Victoria just before 7am and navigate the tube, arriving at the office at 7:10am. Believe it or not, I am not the first person in the office!

7:15am – check emails and clear off any work that I can do very easily. I then go to the ladies and quickly put a bit of make-up on. Don’t want to go scaring my colleagues! Then back to my desk where I eat a small bowl of cereal and a banana while working.

7:45am – Joe calls me to let me know how the drop-off has been with the kids. He has his own mission in the morning; getting the children up, nappy changed and into the car. He drives 25 minutes to my parents’ house where he leaves them and then walks 15 minutes to the train station. Usually there’s something that’s happened like Ezra filled his nappy as Joe was putting him in the car, or Violet has been too busy running in the front garden to get in the car. Today’s drama was that I had left with the car key in my pocket. Cue a frantic hunt for the spare all the while Violet is hollering for her vitamin sweet! In the mayhem of leaving the house Violet ended up in the car with no shoes on. Ah well it’s raining today, they probably wouldn’t have got to the playground anyway! Is it just me, or does it feel like your head is just full to bursting with so many things to remember that sometimes the fundamentals just seem to go out of the window!?


11:15am – is it lunch time yet?

11:45am – is now an acceptable time to get lunch?

Midday – Lunch time! By this point I’m hungry and feeling tired. I need a good lunch to see me through to dinner. I’m on a bit of a healthy eating kick at the moment so try to avoid all the snacks and chocolates!


15:45 – I’m out the door faster than you can say “see ya tomorrow”. I now have a sprint on. Thankfully I wear trainers on my commute. But if you see the girl legging it through Covent Garden around this time…well it’s me. I have a train to catch and the rest of our militarily planned evening hinges on me making this train! I’m noticing that as my fitness improves, the more spare time I have.

16:35 – If I made the train then now I’m getting off and walking to my parents’ house. This is the house I grew up in and I know the route like the back of my hand. I make it to their house and find my 2 happy kids waiting for me. They will have had a fun day with their grandparents; playing, going to the park and sometimes to the library. I have a 15 minute breather where I get loads of cuddles and hear what they have been doing. We then load ourselves into the car and drive home.

17:10 – hello traffic. I try to chat with Violet about what she’s been up to and our plan for the evening. I find that she is less likely to lose her rag if she knows what’s going to be happening, well doesn’t everyone?

17:30 – we are home! Pile out of the car. Usually Ezra is starting to get quite agitated. He is tired and he just wants cuddles. He is very attached to me at the moment and even finds not being in the same room as me quite alarming. I try my best to divide myself in 3 but my focus once we are through the door is to get dinner on. I’m getting better with my organisation and usually have something home cooked defrosted in the fridge.

17:50 – Normally Joe gets home by now and the kids are eating their dinner. Hopefully all is calm!

After dinner we try to get a little bit of play time in. Even 5 minutes to just sit and mess around. Violet usually has a dolly she needs to get to bed or a treasure map she needs to draw, and Ezra is either playing peekaboo in his tent or clambering over me!

18:10 – Kids are in the bath

18:30 – kids are clean, in their pj’s and we start the bedtime routine.

19:00 – we flop on the sofa and breathe a sigh of relief!

What a day. If every day was like this I’m not sure we would be able to keep it up! But needs must, we need the pennies.

Do you work? How do you juggle your days?


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