My birthday at Hever Castle

My birthday at Hever Castlefeatured

It was my birthday at the weekend and seeing as the weather was gorgeous we took a trip to Hever Castle in Kent. Hever is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and up until 50 or so years ago was still a private residence. Now it’s open to the public to have a good nosey! Read more

Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesdayfeatured

“Come on kids, pose for the photo!” For other funny Wicked Wednesday photos head over to Brummy Mummy of 2 or follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Children and transitional objects

Children and transitional objectsfeatured

For anyone who knows Violet, they will know that she has a very special toy rabbit called Betsy.  Even at her nursery, parents who have never met Violet have heard of Betsy.  Betsy is a white Jellycat rabbit which I bought for Violet when I returned to work after maternity leave.  It was more of Read more

The power of AMBER!

The power of AMBER!featured

Teething for Ezra has been miserable.  It’s been pretty miserable for us too. The whining starts.  The ferocious chewing of fists.  Then the gnawing on anything he can find…  “ah mummy’s finger” CHOMP.  Just about any part of me will do as long as he can sink his pearly whites into it.  Then there’s the Read more


Sh*t happens updatefeatured

I have been asked to write an update on Ezra’s hand following the whole burning incident.  On Saturday I drove back to the hospital very hopeful that his bandages would come off and we could get back to normal.  The nurses checked his hand and despite it healing nicely there was still a risk of Read more


It’s all new and shiny!featured

After a month of blogging I have developed a real love for it. I find myself constantly planning what I can write about next and when. Finding the time to pen something down can be tricky with working full time, commuting in London and home life. But I’m getting there! Last night I went all self-hosting! Read more


Scandi not Scandi #3featured

What have these little tykes been wearing this week? Well Violet chose her own clothes on Sunday and I think she picked really well: The dress is from M&S last year. I just love the stencilled elephants. Again, not strictly Scandi, I think the elephants would be a bit more rounded and chunkier if it was Read more


The temporary petfeatured

I’ve thought about how to best describe the tortoise that is currently residing in our back garden, and temporary pet is the best I could come up with. Here he is He belongs to my parents, or more accurately to my dad. This animal has been a bit of labour of love. Growing up we Read more


5 things: girls vs boysfeatured

1) Boys have willies.  Yeh ok that’s obvious. But it’s like a personal little fountain. And you don’t think it’ll go very far but when the air hits the willy, it triggers a full on sprinkler which has a remarkably long range! I discovered this on day 1 when I was in my post-birth haze, Read more


Scandi not Scandi #2featured

Today Violet is wearing one of my favourite outfits on her. I’ll be bummed when she grows out of this. It’s Mini Club at Boots and I got it last year. It caught my eye because of the bold and colourful repetitive print which I just love. It’s not Scandi but as good as in Read more