Sh*t happensfeatured

August has been a total wash-out and I was feeling chilled to the bone. So we decided to give the heating a blast in the mornings this weekend to help us thaw out. Ezra was an early riser on Sunday so I got up to a gorgeously warm house. Once Violet was up the 2 Read more


Charity shop findsfeatured

I’ve recently discovered the treasure troves that charity shops can be. In truth I hadn’t really rifled through many before moving here.  But the ones in our little high street are stuffed full of gems. I had been looking for playdoh and cookie cutters for ages. I was a bit blah about the ones online Read more


The evil in my saladfeatured

It lurks in my salad. Camouflaging itself. Innocently sitting there. No mention of it on the front packaging. But it’s sat in there shredded into little pieces. Tiny little pieces so you get some with every bite. Such small pieces so you can’t even pick it out. I open my salad, feeling virtuous with my Read more


5 good things: being back at workfeatured

1)      The number of times I say ‘no’ a day has probably decreased by about 95%.  I really try not to say ‘no’ all the time. It’s such a non-descript word and probably doesn’t achieve much. When I notice it tripping out of my mouth every other word then I do try and re-set my Read more


“I’ll do the ironing”featured

In a bid to try and un-mumsify myself I bought some nice tops for work WHICH NEED IRONING.  I don’t iron anything. The kids clothes are all a bit crinkly and Joe does his own shirts.  Last night Joe offered to iron my new tops for me!  (I think he was feeling particularly charitable as Read more


Scandi not scandifeatured

I am half Finnish half British and I LOVE Scandinavian design. I would love to bring the cool Scandi touch into our house as we renovate but right now my obsession is with Scandi clothes. And seeing as I hardly buy myself any clothes these days that means I love Scandi kids clothes. Particular favourites Read more


Mum tumfeatured

I have a mum tum. Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of my tummy. It grew 2 children and kept them safe until they were ready to come into the world. But still…..I have a mum tum. I catch glimpses of my reflection in shop windows and it’s just THERE. And despite people close Read more


What’s in a name?featured

I love baby names! Before having my kids I had always loved Violet for a girl. Gorgeous colour, pretty flower and it sounds lovely in my ears. I’m not massively keen on the shortenings Vi or Lettie but being someone who has had sooooooooo many nicknames over the years I know parents don’t have too Read more


Introducing: Ezrafeatured

I’m days away from the end of my maternity leave so writing about Ezra is even more emotional than it would normally be. Ezra is a crawling, babbling, 9 months old. I call him my sunbeam! My pregnancy with Ezra wasn’t simple. I tested positive for Group B Strep, was anaemic and the ligaments in Read more


Introducing: Violetfeatured

Violet is my trail blazer into parenting. When I found out I was expecting my first baby I could not have imagined the beautiful whirlwind I was going to call my daughter.  She arrived promptly on her due date following a long and drawn out labour and pretty brutal birth. But there she was. A Read more