Reusable Swim Nappies on Holiday

Reusable Swim Nappies on Holidayfeatured

While we were preparing everything for our holiday in Spain I had to decide what to do about swim nappies. Our villa had a pool and we were by the sea so there was bound to be plenty of opportunities to go swimming.

The thought of packing loads of disposable swim nappies was off putting when we had such a limited baggage limit. Plus the prospect of all those nappies going into landfill….

I researched reusable nappies and settled on some from an eBay shop. Mega cheap at £5.45 each, adjustable, take up no space at all and with cute patterns to choose from. In comparison some disposable nappies from Amazon work out at £0.75 per nappy. Ezra would be going swimming at least once a day which worked out as 10 times. I decided to buy 3 reusable swim nappies and I’m so glad I did!!

They have poppers on them so you can size up as the child grows, meaning these will go from birth-to-potty. Having bought these for Ezra, he already needed the biggest setting. But I can obviously keep them for the next baby.

The elastic is really snug. Not enough to cut into the skin or leave any rub marks. Ezra gave them a full test run on the first day with a poo and I was so thankful to see none of it leaked out!! It was simple enough to tip the poo in the toilet and throw the nappy in the washing machine. The nappy washes at 30-40 degrees with a little detergent. It came out as good as new.

The poppers are very secure and have a strong snap to them. There was absolutely no way Ezra could have undone them, whereas I know with a disposable he could have got out of it if he wanted.

The nappy is so thin that it fitted under his UV all-in-one swimsuit. And it didn’t create that annoying sag which disposables do as soon as they touch water.

I was massively impressed with these nappies and they worked perfectly on holiday. With the hot Spanish sun they dried so quickly and were ready for another round of toddler swimming action.

I would highly recommend reusable swim nappies for anybody with little ones, be it for the weekly swimming lesson at the local pool, to a beach holiday. They took no extra effort, looked mega cute and saved us a load of space in our suitcase.


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