Review: InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath

Review: InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bathfeatured

Violet and Ezra love bath time so when we were asked to review InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath I knew it would be a good one for us.

The first thing I noticed when I ran the bath was how many bubbles it created!! I knew for my children this would be a huge selling point as they absolutely love playing with bubbles in the bath. We have been disappointed previously when fun packaging lured us to a product but then it did not deliver the bubbles. The bubbles from InfaCare were still there at the end of the bath so this definitely impressed all of us!

The children have a bath every other night and it is part of their bedtime routine.  I like using bath products which have a calming scent. This had a soft lavender scent which did feel very soothing. It left a delicious clean scent on their skin, not overpowering at all. InfaCare is gentle on skin and suitable for babies and children who are prone to dry and sensitive skin.

The bottle is absolutely massive and I only had to use a little in the bath so it’s going to last ages!

Overall I would give this bath wash 10/10 for bubbles, scent and value for money (around £3.50 a bottle). I would recommend InfaCare and will happily continue to use it with my children.

We were sent this product in return of an honest review.


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