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October Round-Up

October Round-Upfeatured

October was my first full month of blogging.  I have thoroughly enjoyed developing this little space of mine.  It’s been fun chatting to other bloggers and reading some really wonderful posts.  I like the idea of a monthly round-up so here goes. Family life October was the month of germs in our house.  Both kids Read more

How we Survived Chicken Pox X2

How we Survived Chicken Pox X2featured

October has been the month of Chicken Pox in our house.  The latest Chicken Pox epidemic at nursery saw 34 children struck down, including my 2. I had started wondering about getting Violet vaccinated as I really didn’t want her to be much older when she caught the Pox.  But then she got it.  We Read more

Happy Days Week 1

Happy Days Week 1featured

I’ve seen so many wonderful ideas for posts since I started blogging and the idea of having a weekly happy days list really struck me as a lovely way to remember the simple things as well as stand out events. So often the simplicity in seeing my children playing or having a lovely family day Read more