Once we worked out a bedtime for Felix I started crochet again. I had some evening time back to myself and I was itching to do something to engage MY brain and completely non-child related. I had seen on Pinterest many stunning crochet wreath projects so I decided I wanted to give it a go. In my usual way I bought the polystyrene ring and just started crocheting. No forward planning or designing….the design would come as I made it.

^I knew I wanted to do a grass and sky scene so set to work with rows of differing greens to represent my land and then blue, white and grey to represent my sky with clouds. I added in a few rows of yellow for the sun. This didn’t take too long but then came the fun part of stitching it onto the ring. It took aaagggeeessss! At times I didn’t think it was going to fit and would gather on the inside of the ring. But once it was on it looked great! I sewed in the ends and voi là; a crochet covered polystyrene ring!!!!!

Then came the good bit; many crochet flowers! I really enjoyed making these. Some took a few minutes, others took a couple of hours!

^I made up my own pattern for the daffodils which shows as they all have a different number of petals! I also made the red roses and white daisies without a pattern.

^The 3 hellebores were patterns from Attic24. Lucy’s tutorial was so clearly written it was easy to follow and I’m really pleased with the result. They do tend to curl a bit but I used a stiffer yarn so they can be manipulated into shape a little easier.

With the pansies I searched high and low for a pattern I liked and the only one I found was in Dutch!!!!! Thankfully there were step by step photos and a really good English translation at the bottom of the page. My pansies turned out alot more curly than the pattern suggested but I actually really like that as it gives more dimention to the flowers.

^One of my favourite things was the heather. Now I did start by following a YouTube video which I think was in Chinese but I couldn’t get it to work as they suggested so, again, I just figured it out by myself. And then I wrapped it round a green pipecleaner! The little blue flowers were my own creation.

^Then there’s all the greenery.
I really liked the winter wreath from Attic24 so made some curly vines to hang from the hellebore.

Another super tutorial from Attic24 was the ferns. I made 3 of these in different shades of green.

Then I made a creeper vine with leaves. This was my own design and I think it came out really well.

Once I had made enough flowers and leaves I pinned them all onto the ring. I moved flowers around and tried to get the best fit visually. I wanted it to look random and natural. Eventually I settled on their positioning and got stitching. As fun as the making of the flowers had been, this part was quite tedious. But after a few evenings everything was attached!

I decided to make a couple of butterflies to add some interest to the sky. They were patterns out of my head. And finally I needed something so that the wreath can be hung. So I made a rainbow!

And here is the completed wreath!

Here are a few close ups.

^I think my 5 petal daffodil was my most successful.

^A very curly pansy!

^The heather! I think these 2 sprigs look really cute popping out of the creeper.

^I’m really chuffed with the butterflies. They were not planned originally but I like the idea that they are dancing in and out of the flowers.

^rainbow loop so that it can be hung on a wall.

I really am delighted with the finished result! It’s a real mish-mash of seasons and I guess shows how I just went with the flow and created what I enjoyed.

This wreath was made as a thankyou gift and I gave it away this week. It was a really fun project and probably the most creative thing I have made so far. I hope it is received well and enjoyed by it’s new owner!

As I’ve said previously on the blog, I am quite particular when it comes to the children’s clothes. I like bright, colourful and practical clothes. Much to Violet’s dismay I’m not into frills and embellishments. And I really don’t like slogans! I like soft fabric which is comfy and durable. The Scandi style is my favourite. Effortlessly cool and beautiful.

So to have a school friend who recently launched her own children’s clothing label which fits all of my key criteria is just the bee’s knees!

Mary is the brains, blood, sweat and tears behind Bear & Babe. She’s mum to a 3 year old boy (Bear) and 1 year old girl (Babe) and lives in Sheffield. She started off making clothes for her daughter and then decided to set up her own business. The brand is quickly gathering momentum, orders are coming in thick and fast. I wonder how Mary finds the time between looking after her family and her job as a nanny!

At the Bear & Babe shop you’ll find leggings, harem pants, rompers, bibs and hoodies. Mary is always coming up with new designs so this isn’t an exhaustive list.

The cotton jersey is super soft, the seams are strong and the elastic is not too tight. Violet can be hard to please when it comes to clothes. She has sensory issues with sleeves, seams and elastic. So for her to put on her leggings and just run off and play is a testament to how comfortable they are!

They wash beautifully and the seams have all stayed intact. The colours have remained bright despite the wear of young children and regular washing. I absolutely love seeing my children in bright, fun clothing which is so comfortable.

So go and have a browse on etsy. You can’t go wrong with handmade leggings for £10 or a hoodie for £15! By supporting a small business you are helping make dreams a reality!

Check out Bear & Babe on



We were sent these clothes in return of an honest review.