Thackeray’s Restaurant – Royal Tunbridge Wells

Thackeray’s Restaurant – Royal Tunbridge Wellsfeatured

It was my birthday this week. I was really very spoilt by Joe! I got my lovely Storksak Elizabeth bag back in August but he also arranged to have one of Violet’s drawings made into a brooch. It’s not just any old drawing, this is me with the baby in my tummy!

I’m not huge into jewellery. I wear my rings, a bracelet I was given by a dear friend for my 18th birthday and a simple necklace chain. I tend to wear child-friendly jewellery I don’t need to take off. So although I appreciate beautiful jewellery I don’t always have much chance to wear it. And I suppose this makes presents quite tricky for Joe. But he really got this spot on. A beautiful reminder of my third pregnancy and my daughter’s precious drawing turned into something I will treasure! This is now proudly pinned to my blazer and won’t be coming off! It fits my jewellery wearing criteria perfectly!

If that wasn’t enough, Joe also arranged a babysitter for Saturday night and booked us a table at a Michelin star restaurant in Tunbridge Wells called Thackeray’s. This was the first time a friend had babysat the children and for me felt like a really big deal. There are very few people I could leave the children with. But Katie at Curious Little Teapot is one of my favourite people and I knew would cope just fine with whatever these 2 little terrors would throw at her!

Getting dressed up was fun. After all it’s not something I get to do too often! Violet was my makeup sidekick. She just loves watching me put it on, asks a ridiculous number of questions and also tries to help me! I had powder applied to my neck, back and she even used the brushes to do some dusting!! Oh well…!

After some last minute wobbles from Violet about us going out we left. The restaurant was only half an hour away in the car but the trusty sat-nav didn’t quite take us to the door! Eventually after about 4 U-turns we found Thackeray’s.

The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly. We have been to a few Michelin star restaurants previously which have been more trendy but I really think this one suited us the best for how down-to-earth everything seemed yet the quality was still first class.

There were 3 menus; a tasting menu, a menu exceptional and a market menu. We chose from the market menu.

As you can see, the selection is not huge so as I don’t eat cheese and foie gras doesn’t really appeal I was a little forced towards the rabbit as a starter. I had never tried rabbit before. But what better way to try it for the first time than when it is cooked at its best!

Oh my goodness, it was divine! Very light and delicate in flavour. So tender. And the scallop was delicious. I had chosen very well, and now I will look out for rabbit again on a menu! Joe had the trout which he couldn’t praise highly enough. Goat’s cheese and beetroot are 2 of his favourite things.

For my main I chose the pork.

This dish was just so yummy. I am no food critic so my descriptions are probably super basic, but ‘yummy’ and ‘scrumptious’ really sum this dish up. I have really started to enjoy mushrooms in this pregnancy so to find a giant mushroom on my plate was an added bonus!

Joe had the turbot.

He said it was an amazing dish and the subtle curry flavours were sublime. We were both so happy with our meals so far!

Here’s the desert menu:

I had a hard time choosing, I could have eaten it all! But eventually I went for the raspberry delice and Joe chose the cheesecake. Both of us were so happy with our selections. We tasted eachothere but were both glad we chose what we had.

Isn’t it pretty! Really refreshing, delicious and the perfect way to round off my birthday treat. Except it wasn’t the end!

Joe and I had such a great evening out. We try to have child-free time as much as is practical and acceptable. It’s important for us to be a couple. Husband and wife. Not just mum and dad. Last night was perfect and another fantastic experience trying new food cooked by the best.

Thank you Joe for being an amazing husband. And thank you Katie for being an awesome friend!

If you get the chance to visit this restaurant then DO!!!


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