The evil in my saladfeatured

It lurks in my salad. Camouflaging itself. Innocently sitting there. No mention of it on the front packaging. But it’s sat in there shredded into little pieces. Tiny little pieces so you get some with every bite. Such small pieces so you can’t even pick it out.

I open my salad, feeling virtuous with my healthy lunch. I take my first mouthful and BAM!


The most disgusting little green leaf cut up into tiny pieces and mixed up in my food!  Trying to control my gag reflex I look at the ingredients list on the back of the packet and there it is. CORIANDER! Why do supermarkets insist on sprinkling this revolting thing on everything?? It’s like someone has decided to squirt perfume on my food.

I tried to just eat the grains of rice one by one but it was a futile effort.

Next time I will check the packaging much more thoroughly!



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