Time Capsule: Violet at 3 years 6 months

Time Capsule: Violet at 3 years 6 monthsfeatured

This will be Violet’s first time capsule on my blog.  Pre-kids if you had asked me what kind of 3 year old daughter I imagined I would have, I’d probably have said:

    • Fairly quiet
    • Straight, white blonde hair
    • Average height
    • Pretty good behaviour
    • Love of animals
    • Unisex tastes


I look at my Violet and often wonder how on earth we made her and quite who she takes after.  I’ll take my list above and update it:


    • At home she is the noisiest, wildest little terror.  If she’s not being loud because she’s having fun, she’s being loud because she is ANGRY!  Out and about she is a timid creature, very wary of others and quite nervous.  She hates loud noises and covers her ears at the sound of cars, hand dryers, chairs scraping on the floor, echoy rooms etc.  It’s quite a contrast!


    • Her hair is a real mystery.  For the first 9 months of her life she rocked a bald head!  Then she grew bright ginger whispy hair.  I love that she was at the height of her ginger phase at our wedding.  And all of a sudden those whisps turned into ringlets and changed to dark blonde.  We haven’t cut her hair yet, and I have no plans to!  The curls are just so beautiful.  I’m getting to grips with styling her locks and so far am going for the wet brush and scrunch technique.  I really hope she keeps her wonderful curls.


    • Violet is tall.  Well, her red book says she’s on the 75th centile and certainly among her pre-school friends she seems like a tall one.


    • Behaviour….well I have learnt fairly quickly that 3 year olds are a force unto themselves!  Joe and I are trying very hard to instil good behaviour in her and without a doubt I think we have left the dark days of 2.6 – 3 years behind!  But she is a hot-head.  Once her flip switch goes there’s very little we can do to prevent the fallout.  I admit I get frustrated and downhearted sometimes but I constantly remind myself that she is still very young and still processing her emotions.  Thankfully her manners are good and outside of her home environment she is impeccably behaved.


    • She loves every animal going.  I was right about this prediction.  Violet has a spider which lives in the garden called Brian.  We often go to the bush he lives in to see if he is in his web.  Granted, some days Brian is a tiny weeny spider, other days he is the massive chunky one bouncing in his web, but it doesn’t matter; they are all Brian to her!  Sometimes I wish we could have a pet, or more specifically a cat!  I love cats and think she would really enjoy looking after it and stroking/playing with it.  But now just isn’t the right time, we have enough on our plates.  Hopefully one day.


  • I have been quite deliberate in my toy and clothing choices for Violet.  She has dresses and dollies but also trucks and dungarees.  When buying toys I have shied away from pink and opted for the green/red/yellow version.  I didn’t want to put a label on her gender.  But as much as I have nurtured her in this way her nature is to be a typical girly girl!  She always wants to play with dollies and set up tea parties.  She will find my scarf and tie it round her head and say she’s a princess.  She gets her blanket and asks me to tie it round her and make sure it drags along the floor like a Cinderella dress.  Last week I found myself playing mermaids with her!

Violet is maddeningly wonderful.  Complex in so many ways.  Imaginative and dramatic yet prone to anxiety.  Articulate and witty.  Fiercely independent yet hates being alone for a moment.  She fills our days with laughter, twirls, singing and boogying.  She rules the mood of the house.  She adores her brother endlessly yet has really struggled to share the limelight.


I think the next 6 months will be key for Violet.  She will really leave the toddler phase behind and mature.  Pre-school is doing wonders for her confidence and socialising but soon we will begin to prepare her for reception class.  I hope the next few months will see her behaviour mellow with less extreme highs and lows.

Above all I just want her to be happy.


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