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I experienced one of my highlights of motherhood last week.

We went to visit our local infant school for their open day and I fell utterly in love! It felt like the most beautiful learning environment and I can see Violet thriving there.  The children looked so happy and relaxed.  The classrooms were really vibrant and engaging and overall I got such a positive impression of the school.  They even have chickens that the children look after! I just hope she is offered a place next year.

We then went to Violet’s preschool nativity.  She has been singing the songs at home for weeks and had taken great joy in telling me who was going to be playing which part.  I did have some worries that she would find the whole experience too overwhelming and either refuse to take part or become upset. I was willing her to be relaxed enough to participate fully.  Well, I didn’t need to worry, she did fantastically! When Violet came on to the stage I did feel an overpowering wave of pride and there were some tears (from me!). My daughter’s first ever show. I am now a parent who gets to go and watch their kids put on performances! Violet was an Angel and was dressed in a beautiful white and gold dress, white tights and gold tinsel in her curly hair. She really did look so sweet.

All of the children sat on the stage together throughout and sang all of the songs.  Each group of children got their turn to stand up and sing with actions.  There was such a difference between the boys and girls!  The Angels all stood very neatly in a line, sang their song and then went back quietly to their places on the stage. The Shepherds got up and bounded across the stage, jumping up and down gleefully whilst singing their song.  They really made the audience laugh.  I couldn’t help wondering whether Ezra will be one of these boys in a couple of years!!

All of the children did so well.  You could see how happy they were to show us what they had been learning for weeks.  The staff did a fantastic job and I’m sure they breathed a big sigh of relief once it was over!

We then went to Violet’s Christmas party.  There were party games, songs, a yummy tea and crafts.  And then they were all taken back into the Church one by one to visit Father Christmas.  Previously Violet has been terrified of Father Christmas!  I didn’t expect this occasion to be any different.  However when I suggested we go and see him, her eyes lit up and she skipped excitedly.  We waited in line behind one of her friends so she was able to just watch what was happening. I took the opportunity to whisper to her about what she would do and what Father Christmas would talk about.  Clutching her Betsy bunny toy we went to Father Christmas and she sat on the chair next to him and TALKED TO HIM!!!!!  She smiled at him, looked him in the eyes and told him what she would like for Christmas.  She also mentioned that her little brother Ezra would like a toy dinosaur!

Violet believed so hard it was magical.  I think this age is so precious because she just believes anything I tell her… we wrote her Christmas present wish list and I said we have to leave it on the fireplace so that the Christmas fairies can come and take it.  An hour later her list had gone and the Christmas fairies had left sequins in the fireplace and on the floor.  Violet was beside herself with wonderment.  She gathered up all of the sequins and dashed off to draw Father Christmas a map of how to get to our house!

It really was the most perfect day, I felt on such a parenting high.  Violet did so much more than I had expected and showed me how she is developing into a bright, sweet little girl.  I was SO proud to be Violet’s Mummy!


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