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I love baby names! Before having my kids I had always loved Violet for a girl. Gorgeous colour, pretty flower and it sounds lovely in my ears. I’m not massively keen on the shortenings Vi or Lettie but being someone who has had sooooooooo many nicknames over the years I know parents don’t have too much of a say so in what friends will call her. Joe had reservations when I suggested Violet; it sounds like a granny! He’s sure that I whispered it in his ear while he slept as before she arrived he was completely sold on the name! Looking at her now I couldn’t imagine her being anything other than Violet!

Ezra was much trickier to name. I found boys names either too babyish for an adult or too harsh for a baby. Joe and I could not agree on anything. A couple of years ago I started reading a blog by a mum of 3 in the States. She has 3 boys and the middle one is Ezra. As soon as I read it I thought it sounded so cool. Strong, beautiful and uber cool! When I suggested it to Joe he was once again not too keen. For a while we had a different name lined up but one day I got a text from Joe saying he really liked Ezra! I didn’t need any convincing and from then on our son would be Ezra. I look at him now and still think he has the best name going!



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