Where are all the Boy’s Leggings?

Where are all the Boy’s Leggings?featured

As I’ve said previously, I am quite particular about what the children wear.  Not from a point of view that I want them to look fashionable… I’m not particularly on-trend myself!  First and foremost I want them to be comfortable.  I see so many kids clothes which have bits sticking out, are hard and unforgiving or the material is just impractical for children.  I have noticed that shops will generally dedicate about 65% of their space to girl’s clothes.  Boyswear often seems a little neglected, same-y and a lot of slogans which quite frankly aren’t my thing.

Having had a daughter first I found shopping for her easy, loads of comfy outfits and cute dresses and leggings a-plenty.  I love leggings; so easy to pull on/off and deal with when changing nappies, very accommodating for cloth nappies, lovely and comfortable when learning to crawl and walk, easy for kids to learn to pull their own trousers down when potty training…the list goes on.


Now that I have Ezra I have 1 big question…. WHERE ARE ALL THE BOY LEGGINGS??  The boys section generally has 2 types of trousers, jeans or jogging bottoms.  What about the leggings??  I’m not a big fan of jeans on kids, especially babies.  I just haven’t been able to find a pair which are soft enough and allow him to move freely.  Jogging bottoms are really useful and we have several pairs but they don’t really look that good.  I like fun, bright, comfortable clothes and overall there isn’t much variety in jeans and jogging bottoms.  So I am on a mission to find boys leggings.


Last week I bought these from John Lewis. They are by Donna Wilson and sooooooooo soft. However they were both in the girls section. I think the foxes are unisex so bought some for Ezra. He looks so cute and comfy in them so I know they will get a lot of wear. Violet has loved hers too and I did have a smile on my face sending them into nursery matching.

Please – if you know of any good brands which stock unisex/boys leggings at a reasonable price, pop a comment below and I’ll be eternally grateful!

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