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Yesterday I had the task of solo bedtime for only the third time since Felix was born. Now, I know this is pretty good going seeing as he is almost 9 months old! My first attempt back in December was a disaster. Ezra was sick in his bed. Felix woke up and I had them both downstairs wide eyed at 11pm!! Then the second time I got Ezra and Felix to bed but Joe came home before Violet went up so he took her.

Since both of those attempts, Ezra has moved out of the cot into a bunk bed and shares a room with Violet. So there’s the whole escaping possibility and also the 2 of them often enjoy a good giggle and shout before sleep.

I had to wear them out! So at 3.30pm we went for a woodland treasure hunt. We are lucky enough to live a 5 minute walk from some lovely woods and we go there often as it’s on the way to a good playground.

Violet and Ezra had their buckets and I set them challenges to find things on our walk. They collected:
Round stones


A feather

Twigs with leaves still attached



A big leaf

Something curly

Sycamore seeds

Crunchy leaves

A V shaped twig


Violet was so enthusiastic! Ezra was too but needed his big sis to help him find things. They walked and ran so much! Violet has said she wants to go on a treasure hunt again very soon!

The success of our impromptu hunt was that Violet and Ezra went to bed so easily! Felix wasn’t too bad either! And I got a lovely evening of peace. Yesterday I definitely won the day!


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